Kinds of hand surgeries that hand orthopaedics want you to be aware

Kinds of hand surgeries that hand orthopaedics want you to be aware

Our hands serve us in many ways! From playing our favourite sports to working all day long typing on a computer – we hugely depend on our hands. Hence, when there’s an injury, discomfort or disorder with our hands, it’s essential we delve deep and seek quick medical help. Today, leading orthopaedics and hand surgeons have come up with advanced hand surgeries to treat chronic hand conditions.

Different kinds of hand surgery

The new age hand surgeons and orthopaedics have the know-how on critical hand injuries. They know how to carry out a successful operation as well. The multiple kinds of hand surgeries include the following:

Any of the surgeries mentioned above would require the intervention of an expert hand surgeon. When you read through drlooikokpohreviews and other similar reviews, you’ll know the advantages of having a specialized hand surgeon.

Times when minimal invasive hand surgery is essential

A minimally invasive surgery takes place when the hand disorder isn’t extreme. This surgery method treats the bone injuries and soft tissue ailments. It requires an open incision, unlike the conventional hand surgeries. Through an operation, an expert hand surgeon can heal the affected region by making little incisions in the skin.

Minimal invasive hand surgery can:

  • Reduce Scarring
  • Lessen the damage of surrounding healthy tissues
  • Amp up recovery

Hand surgery due to bone problems

Not every hand surgery suggests that something is wrong with the hand tissues, nerves, and muscles. There are times when the source of pain is the bone. For instance, in case of degenerative bone ailments, arthritis, patients experience massive and excruciatingly painful swelling in their joints. Surgery can correct this condition. Furthermore, Rheumatoid Arthritis surgery is useful in repositioning ligaments and tendons in fingers and hands. It helps to eradicate the pain and heals the hand to normalcy.  In few extreme cases of arthritis, surgeons might remove a whole joint. It gets replaced with a prosthetic joint that helps in smooth functioning.

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Hand surgery due to trauma

Hand injuries that need surgical treatment can source from shock as well. An operation can reattach or recreate fingers via grafting surgeries. The process is a complex one. However, when implemented successfully it will bring back the patients’ confidence, as his hand can function like before. The grafting process takes bone and tissues from other parts of the body. Then it repurposes the bones and tissues in the patient’s hand.

How long does it take to recover from a hand surgery fully?

The complete recovery time varies from patient to patient! The hand condition treated is what decides the recovery time. However, when it comes to surgeries like carpal tunnel syndrome, the operation might take place in a day and recovery happens within two weeks. Similarly, in certain hand surgeries, the patient might witness pain after the surgery. Hence, the complete cure which includes pain relief might take up a month as well. An expert surgeon will be able to tell you the exact recovery time.

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