How People Used To Cheat Slot Machines

Cheat Slot Machines

People are going to try and cheat at all forms of gambling, that is just a given. You cannot give the tantalizing prospect of a shed-load of money to people without at least a few trying to beat the system and obtain it using illegitimate tactics. Since the very dawn of time people have tried cheating in games, one could quite convincingly argue that it is part of our genetic makeup to try and cheat, one upping our competitors – learn more at

Of all the Online Cricket Betting ID games slot machines have probably been the most affected by people trying to cheat. It is unsurprising really, especially when you consider the ease at which people used to trick the older machines. It is much harder in the present day, that’s for sure, rewind 50 years though and it could be done fairly easy. Let’s have a look at how people used to cheat slot machines.

How People Used To Cheat Slot Machines: Coin On A String

This was a longstanding favourite in the world of slot machine cheats, and it probably helped a fair few people crack jackpots left right and centre. Before the mechanics inside slot machines got advanced enough this was undoubtedly the go to method. It was very simple, people would obtain a standard coin and drill a hole through the middle, subsequently threading a very thin string through it.

You can guess what comes next right? They would use the coin as if it was a normal one, waiting for the machine to recognise it before pulling it back up through the coin slot. The process could be repeated an infinite number of times, provided you weren’t caught by casino security that is.

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How People Used To Cheat Slot Machines: Magnets

Before the all-conquering video slot machines were purely mechanical, even down to the reels. In this age of the Internet and computer hacking you might think this made them harder to cheat on, but in actuality the opposite is true. As we saw previously, all you needed to fool a machine in some cases was a simple coin on a string, and there were other methods just as simple.

For instance, many cheats took to using powerful magnets to alter the way the reels spun. Even if the reels did not stop on a winning combination when swift use of a magnet could have them lined up in no time at all. Again, this method could be used an infinite amount of times, but if you got caught doing so you may never have been able to gamble again.

Climbing Inside

It might seem completely and utterly bonkers, but due to some slot machines’ size a very select number of people would opt to climb inside and alter the reels that way. This method was a lot more risky than the majority of others, but by Jove was it more exciting. We’re really not joking here, this had been known to happen on at least one occasion.

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