Cannabis Techniques for Better Yields


 Whether you’re cultivating cannabis for yourself or commercial reasons, it is essential to always aim for better production. With all efforts and funds you’ve decide to invest in marijuana projects; you must harvest high yield produce to cover up all the expenditure you spend during cultivation. As you indulge in both modern and old cannabis cultivations methods with improve yields in mind, you are aware that there are a couple of techniques that can ensure you have better cannabis yield. You can’t just stay back and leave everything to chances. 

So, what are those techniques that ensure you get better yields out of your cannabis farming? Read this article to find out. 

  1. Adapting Trellising Method

Trellising is a farming technique adapted by many cannabis growers worldwide. This technique helps the farmers to support the crop as they keep off from the ground. Cannabis is one of the plants with weak stems that require the application of a trellising method for both support and strength. So if you’re a cannabis grower, don’t hesitate to give this technique a try as soon as you notice your crops getting off the ground.

To make the technique successful, ensure you create a sturdy structure with the support of bamboo or strong metal. Arrange the structure to aid the growth of cannabis and keep them separated from one another. This practice will probably ensure you smile at the time of harvest as you will come out with a bumper harvest.

2. Always Control the Temperature

Temperature and humidity plays a vital role in the production of cannabis.  Whether you are using Screen of Green method or any other cannabis cultivation method, temperature becomes major factor to consider. Since cannabis plant is enclosed in a mesh to ensure proper growth, temperature control is still paramount. When the temperature and humidity are too high or too low, it can adversely impact the normal development of buds. For instance, the extreme temperature during the flowering stage, the terpenes, and cannabinoids might burn your buds’ fragrance.

Therefore, if you’re a cannabis grower and you’re looking forward to having better yield, You must know that cannabis leaves exposed to higher temperature will wilt and burn to give you an indication to adjust the temperature. Ensure you regulate the temperature between 21-29 degrees Celsius if you indeed want better yields. Also, the appropriate humidity range for better cannabis production ranges from 50-70%, and this will ensure you have high yield produce.

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3.Increase the Size of the Container

The choice of the right size of a container for growing cannabis plays a role in increasing the plant’s production. This technique works well for both indoor and outdoor cannabis growing. Home Grown Cannabis Company recommends an increase in container size to give more space necessary for the plants to grow well. With this in place, you can undoubtedly expect more yields. 

If the budget allows you, replace your smaller container with the bigger one. If possible, change the major container parts such as temperature regulation parts, light, and nutrients. Increasing container sizes as your cannabis grows ensures you even improve your yields further. 

4. Manipulate Plant Structure

This is one of the techniques for improving the production of cannabis plants. The idea behind plant training is all about better growth hence more yields. Larger plants with many evenly spaced colas indeed produce higher yields. Manipulating cannabis plants is no doubt one of the best ways improve your yields. Manipulating cannabis is an easy task. You can manipulate the plant without changing any of your farming set-ups. You don’t have to buy expensive nutrients or even to get a new light for it to work for you. 

You don’t even need a degree in agriculture to ensure you produce high yield cannabis. The manipulative skills are enough to give you good cannabis production. Try this farming skill and you’ll be surprised during harvesting time. 

5. Get the Appropriate Cannabis Nutrients

Plant nutrients become the primary factor to consider before planting, and Cannabis needs appropriate nutrients to grow well. As far as plants use different nutrients, the wrong choice of plant nutrients can lead to the production of low yield. So you should always be very careful when choosing the nutrient for planting cannabis since not all the nutrients work well with this amazing plant.

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Cannabis requires an appropriate nutrient schedule, a proper nutrient choice, among others. You can choose a cannabis nutrient only to realize it has a negative on the final yield production. Therefore, as a cannabis grower, it is essential to learn how to tell when the plant needs the addition of a reduction of the nutrients. Doing this will give you a greener cannabis leaves which is a sign of good yield.

6. Wait For Right Time to Harvest

As you plan to have a bumper cannabis harvest, you should also plan to give the plant time to manure well. Cannabis strains for 2-3 weeks for the buds to mature and be ready for harvest. When growers harvest the plant before reaching this period, it will probably result in low yield.  So, it is essential to allow the buds to ripen fully, and buds gain up to 25% additional size of the plants, it has to be mature enough for it to give a good harvest.

Moreover, waiting until the appropriate time to harvest cannabis is essential. You can choose to harvest your buds when they have the exact effects that you should expect in a marijuana plant. So, if you expect higher yields, you have to practice high levels of patience as well by waiting for your plants to mature. 


You don’t need a degree in agriculture to harvest better cannabis yields because the secret lies in easy farming techniques. Better cannabis yields require does and don’ts techniques and practices that you must engage in as a grower. The article above has featured some of the techniques for better cannabis yields. You can carry out more research and find more techniques for increasing the harvest of your cannabis plant.


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