How to Renew Your Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Card Online

Marijuana is famed for having pain relieving and therapeutic properties from ancient times. Considering these healing aspects of marijuana, the state of Oklahoma legalized medical marijuana in 2018.  An association was formed called The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Association (OMMA). The target of this association is to accept and renew patient applications for the medical marijuana program.

If you are a medical marijuana card holder living in Oklahoma and trying to renew your medical marijuana card, you can do it through the Oklahoma medical marijuana association licensing portal, also called the  OMMA licensing portal.

In the OMMA portal, all the necessary guidelines will be mentioned too.

Following are the steps to renew your medical marijuana card online in Oklahoma.

Check if you Eligible for the Renewal

In Oklahoma, certain medical conditions are eligible to acquire Oklahoma medical marijuanas online. For the renewal of your medical marijuana card, you first should make sure that you are still eligible. If you are not eligible anymore, you may not be able to renew your medical marijuana card.

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Gather the Required Documents for the online renewal of Your Medical Marijuana Card

If you are considering renewing your medical marijuana card online, it may require some documents. It will be best if you gather the documents beforehand.

These documents may include your valid state-issued driver’s license, or state-issued ID card, your existing medical marijuana card issued by the government of the state of Oklahoma, and updated reports that prove your eligibility for the renewal of your medical marijuana card in Oklahoma.

Log in to the OMMA Licensing Portal

The government of Oklahoma has made an association called the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Association. It has an online portal to assist with the issues regarding the medical marijuana card. This online portal is called the OMMA Licensing Portal. After checking your eligibility for the program and gathering all the required documents, you will need to log in to your OMMA licensing portal by email and the password you have fixed.

What if I do not have an online account in the OMMA licensing portal?

In case you have not set up an online account, you will need to sign in to the OMMA licensing portal. It requires your valid email, a password of your choice, and some other information and documents may be required as well. The details will be mentioned on the licensing portal page. By reading all the instructions, you will be able to set up your account on the OMMA licensing portal effortlessly. 

Renew your Medical Marijuana Card Online in the OMMA licensing portal

After you have signed in to your account, navigate through the page in the card renewal section.

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You will find easy-to-follow instructions on this page to renew your medical marijuana card.

Complete all the steps and apply to the OMMA licensing portal.

You may also be required to upload the documents that will prove that you are still eligible in the state of Oklahoma for medical marijuana treatment.

Pay the Medical Marijuana Card Renewal fee

To complete your card renewal application, you will need to pay an application fee as well. You can pay this fee online using a debit card or a credit card.

The fee structure will be on the licensing portal.

What If I Changed My Name Before the Card Renewal

In case you have changed your name before applying for the renewal of your medical marijuana card, you must update it in your OMMA licensing portal. If you don’t update your new name, a lot of issues can arise in the procedure of applying for the renewal of your card. 

Wait For Approval of Your Application

After you are done with submitting your medical marijuana card renewal application along with all the necessary updates and documents, you will have to wait some time for the approval. During this time, OMMA will review your application and all the information. If it is approved, you will receive a new medical marijuana card.

Temporary medical marijuana card

Sometimes you may be given a temporary medical marijuana card while your application for the renewal is being verified by the OMMA.  You can receive this temporary card through mail. This card is valid only for a specific period.

Receive your Renewed Medical Marijuana Card

After your application and information are verified and approved by the OMMA, you may receive your medical marijuana card via mail or letter. Then you can continue with the medical marijuana treatment program in the state of Oklahoma.

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