Height and Weight Chart for Kids: Everything you need to know

height and weight chart for kids

As parents, you will always want to know the height and weight chart for kids. The weight of a child is directly proportional to its height. As a result, it is essential to take care of every sector.

The average weight for height in kg is dependent on the overall nutrition. What you eat and how you implement has an essential role in your overall physique. As parents, you always want to know that your child is eating healthy. If you want to know the average weight for height in kg, you might want to check the calculator.

The height for age calculator on the internet can play an essential role in analyzing what suits you the best. Every child and teenager grows at a varied rate. Hence, their age of maturity varies too. Once puberty commences, kids start to experience a difference in their overall physical experience.

Even WHO released the growth charts that can help to assess the growth of children.

Advantages of using WHO Growth Charts to determine the Growth of Children

As parents, you might also want to keep a tab on the height for the calculator to determine the child’s height. Once your child attains the age of 2 years, you might want to analyze everything. The growth chart is calculated for the norm of growth.

Here are some of the advantages of using the growth charts by WHO

  1. The WHO’s standards bring about the right tools to analyze the child’s growth regarding infant feeding method of agreement.
  2. All the information collected is further analyzed to determine the height and weight chart for kids above two years.
  3. The CDC growth reference chart varies across the weight and cross-sectional data. However, the weight data isn’t brought about for infants under the age of 2 months, and the samples available are only for kids above the age of 6 months in terms of sex and age groups.
  4. The WHO Growth standard is created depending on the overall data as measured in regular intervals.
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The height for age calculator plays an essential role in analyzing the overall data.

Height and Weight Charts for Kids: Tips to maintain the ideal

The height and weight chart is an essential tool. It plays a vital role in calculating average weight for height in kg.

Some of the other reasons why the healthcare provider provides these include

  1. Weight management
  2. Measures weight and also depending on weight loss
  3. Analyze the association between height and weight of the kid.

How to maintain the ideal height and weight of a child?

The height and weight charts for kids help analyze everything and know the child’s ideal weight. This enables you to examine if the child has sufficient nutrition or not.

However, you should follow specific tips to follow the ideal height and weight of a child that parents should follow.

Follow a proper diet as per height and weight chart for kids

Your kids must follow a proper diet. The right level of nutrition would only help to enhance the overall height and weight. In children, protein is essential as it helps in weight loss and helps maintain the overall body weight.

Moreover, parents should focus on including a properly balanced diet that consists of all food groups. Parents should give on providing simple carbs to help them keep up with their daily activities for children. The growth rate and activity level in kids are much higher than in adults.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle as per the weight chart for kids

Apart from following a proper nutritious diet, kids should also focus on following a decent lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle falls between calorie burn and calorie consumption. As a result, parents should focus on maintaining a balance between daily activity and physical activity.

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Parents should take their children to play every day. Many parents give away cell phones to their children. However, it would help if you avoided it. Your kids should have enough time to play outside. As parents, it is your responsibility to teach your kids the importance of being physically active. Some of the prominent activities in which your kids can indulge to maintain an ideal height and weight include

  • Playing outdoor games
  • Running
  • Riding
  • Yoga

Proper sleep for better height and weight balance

As much as sleep is essential for adults, similarly, sleep is critical for kids too. Although it is one of the most neglected sectors of your health, it can significantly impact your overall metabolism.

For proper growth (physically and mentally), children should get an appropriate amount of sleep. They need hormones to be synthesized properly in their overall body. Rest is one of the best ways through which your body will produce the growth hormone.

Studies have shown that our growth rate may increase while we are asleep. Hence, parents should pay special attention to how much sleep the children are getting. As per standard requirement, a child should get 8 to 10 hours of sleep each day.

Don’t let them skip meals to maintain weight.

To help your child have a healthy lifestyle, you should not allow your children to skip meals. Moreover, it would be best to allow your children to have healthy meals at regular intervals. Consumption of healthy meals at regular intervals plays a vital role in maintaining body glucose, cholesterol level, and avoiding fluctuations in the body.


You might as well consult a nutritionist to find out the ideal diet plan for your child. Make sure that the child is consuming a balanced diet with the proper amount of vitamins and calcium. Calcium is essential for bones, while vitamin D helps boost calcium metabolism, thereby helping in overall growth.

Takeaway: height and weight chart for kids

The height and weight chart for kids can help you analyze whether your child is on the right track or not. But rather than trying it all by yourself, you might as well prefer consulting the experts. Therefore, you must follow the proper ways to achieve bodyweight. You might also book an appointment with any health expert to find the ideal body height and weight.

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