Fun Activities for Kids- Things to Do at Home to Keep Them Busy

A couple of months back it was just on a rainy day that you had to brainstorm about fun activities for kids to keep them busy. However, now staying indoors has become a primary necessity due to the dangerous situation. With the effects of COVID-19 grasping the entire world, social distancing is very important. Moreover, kids and older adults are anyway more prone to infections. So, let’s hope you do not have to wait to see kids all around the house and some lazing around with the TV. For that, you mustn’t run out of ideas for stay at home kid activities. Besides, we got your back here with a brilliant list of ideas for you to choose from them.

Best fun activities for kids when they are indoors

Here is a list of some of the most preferred fun activities for kids to keep them busy throughout.

Cave or den building

We all used to love making caves and dens when we were little kids and so do all children now. There is probably not one child below the age of 10 who does not like to build dens and play inside them. Now that you have grown up, there is still that little kid in you who will enjoy building a pillow fort even now. Well, if not you, at least you can see your kids playing there and please your eyes. Children can spend time imagining how to make this fort and that is the sweetest part. They will imagine the design and what they want to build a fort with. Also, watching them play inside these caves is sheer joy! Most of the time, children want to act a role play. Otherwise, they will act out other imaginary stories because it can be anything.

Some children like to use these pillow forts to hide their toys. Well, that is also a part of some story. There is a very easy way to make these caves and dens. You can pull the dining table chairs towards it and form like a square. Now just layer a bedsheet on top of all the backrests and accessorize with some cushions. Well, that’s it and you already have your makeshift cave ready for some action. It is guaranteed that not just the kids but you will also have a great time inside. Why not relive your childhood memories?

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Toy’s birthday

Children are innocent souls and they play with their toys like they are real people around. That is the sweetest part of watching kids play. How they name all their toys and feel they are all living in the same house. Well, you have to make sure that the child enjoys that fairytale till they are still small. A great way to keep your kids indulged is planning a birthday party for their favorite doll. Does that sound too intimidating?

Well, it is surely not because you can arrange a makeshift birthday party with things that are already present in the house. It can be a small tea party or a birthday lunch with some music and fun games. All that you have to do to make it look more real is to blow some balloons and arrange some ribbons. Now, you can bring out small cups and plates and arrange a few chocolate cookies, muffins, and put a few glasses of milk there. What a lovely hi-tea idea.

Treasure hunt

A house treasure hunt can end up not being just a kid’s activity because all the family members can play this together. It is a great way to spend a weekend afternoon when everyone is free and up for some fun. So, first, you need to make a map of the entire house including the garden and backyard area. After that, you have to arrange clues in different corners of the house and everyone is now ready to start the game. So, you will have to explain the map to the children and guide them at times too.

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Fill the clues with different riddles and engaging quiz and the answer will lead to the next clue. After the chain is over, the last clue will take the player to where the end gift is present. So, whoever cracks all the questions and riddles first will be the winner. Once the game is over, you should encourage the kids to create their own treasure hunt game too. It is a good way to spend time with kids and also let them learn about a lot of things.

Indoor water games

If you want to take the fun quotient to another level, you can arrange for indoor water games too. However, you must know that precautions are a must in this case. You must make sure that you place towels around so that no one slips because of water on the floor. Also, it is a good way to reduce work later because wiping so much water after the game is over becomes a massive hassle. So, what you do is take a big bowl or tub of water and let your kids bath his/her toys in that. Besides, they can also play the pirates game where they can imagine ships and captains sailing.

There is so much to play, for example, fisherman games, swimming adventures, and more. Rescue games are a common idea for some added fun in this scenario as well. However, again you are responsible to make sure that water does not spill much and cause any damage. Also, make sure the kids don’t jump around much because spilling water is always a hazard, especially because children are often careless.

So, here we have some of the best fun activities for kids that can keep them busy when at home. Also, make sure that no one goes out of the home much to keep yourself safe and protect the family against the coronavirus.

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