Japanese Scalp Treatment: Know All About This Scalp Facial!

japanese scalp treatment

Konnichiwa, hair admirers!! After South Korea captured the global beauty market, it seems Japan is looking to do the same. Only, this time, it is the hair story. It is no secret that Eastern beauty secrets have been the standard, thanks to their precise strategy and enhanced results. Keeping the interest alive, TikTok has taken up the trend, with influencers uploading videos about the so-called magical Japanese scalp treatment

Meticulous in nature, this treatment has both cosmetic and holistic benefits. 

In this post, we will give you an outline of the specifics of this treatment, the steps that professionals follow, a basic idea of the costs associated, and the results of the same. 

What is the Japanese scalp treatment? 

japanese hair spa
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Alternatively known as facial for the head, this holistic hair treatment’s primary idea is to deep cleanse the pores, extract the impurities, treat common scalp-related problems, and nourish the scalp for bountiful locks! It is a tailored treatment that ends with a head-to-shoulder massage and aromatherapeutic breathing exercise. 

Sounds relieving? Trust us, it is as replenishing as it claims to be! 

Borrowing significantly from Indian Ayurvedic practices, this includes detoxing the scalp and nourishing it accordingly. 

What are the steps that professionals follow? 

For the unversed, this Japanese scalp treatment starts with your hairstylist analyzing your scalp through a trio camera. The footage shows your scalp’s health, the inflamed portions, collected sebum and oil buildup, and the clogged areas. Once the analysis is over, the stylist decides on the course of action, from shampooing to stimulating the senses for better blood flow. 

Let us explain the steps in detail – 

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Step 1 – Scalp Analysis 

japanese hair treatment
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The hair wellness consult will acutely study the scalp results derived from the camera footage. After that, they will determine what type of treatment you require and the products to use. The specialist clearly pinpoints the problems to the customers and then moves ahead with the course of action. 

Step 2 – Scalp Exfoliation Treatment 

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With the hair follicles jammed, all thanks to the excess oil or the dry dandruff flakes, the next step is to exfoliate it. Most spa treatments opt for manual exfoliation, but some, depending on the type of issue, also use microdermabrasion. It is only when your scalp is clean that the further treatments can continue. 

Step 3 – Massaging the scalp and mask treatment 

japanese steam hair treatment
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Once your scalp is exfoliated, the next step is to massage it with oils/topical creams/hair products to nourish it. In this case, the concerned product is either massaged manually or with the help of an electronic scalp massager. 

Apart from this, the specialist can also move forth with a hair mask treatment. 

After massaging, a warm towel or warm formulated bucket is placed on the head. This improves the absorption process, thereby enhancing the benefit of the curated hair product. 

Step 4 – Leave in conditioner 

hair spa treatment japan
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The last step is – applying a leave-in serum or conditioner. This not only locks the nutrients, but also gives your hair the perfect protection, and ensures you have perfectly styled hair. 

Your post ‘scalp facial’ look is ready! 

What are the benefits of this hair spa? 

japanese hair spa benefits
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This Japanese scalp treatment entails a range of benefits for the reader. Assuming you are looking forward to try this spa, here are the key advantages that you can get – 

Cosmetic benefits – A rejuvenated scalp 

When you connect with most hair specialists and stylists globally, the common concern for lackluster hair is the clogging of hair follicles due to excessive usage of chemical products. This is what precisely this spa targets. 

As mentioned before, it starts with hair cleansing, which results in the opening of the pores in the scalp. After that, the products that you use nourish your scalp, strengthen the hair follicles, and help in blood stimulation. This, in the long run, brings back the shine in your hair and heals your scalp, thereby enhancing hair growth. 

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Holistic benefits – Promotes overall well-being  

Japan, unfortunately in recent times has gained a bad name when it comes to people suffering from anxiety issues bordering on insomnia. This Japanese scalp treatment, followed by head-to-shoulder massage, stimulates the senses. This alleviates stress and anxiety levels, thereby helping the individual to calm down and promoting melatonin levels. The better the melatonin secretion, the higher the sleep quality. 

Multiple reports have stated that most hair specialists have actually seen their ‘stressed’ out client sleep within the ‘first 10 minutes’ of this treatment. This itself shows the effectiveness of the same. No wonder its popularity has surged globally. 

Cost of Japanese scalp treatment 

cost of japanese hair spa
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The price of this Japanese scalp treatment can vary depending on the spa session time (40 minutes/60 minutes/others) and the number of sittings (some hair types require multiple sittings). However, for those looking for a general price range, it should be somewhere between $180-$300 per session. 

Before you go in for the hair spa, ensure that you check the credentials of the specialist. That would save you from future issues. Also, once you are done with the scalp treatment, try using scalp-friendly products in the future. 

Parting thoughts 

Assuming you have read this content well, you now have clarity about Japanese scalp treatment and its range of benefits. Also, given the way it has managed to bring in holistic benefits, without a doubt, this is here to stay. Having said that, following a nutritious diet is equally important since it helps to hold down the treatment and betters the quality of your hair in the future. If you liked this beauty post and want to know more about such treatments in the future, keep following HeAndSheFitness for more! 


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