10 Best Gym Motivation Insta Accounts to Keep You on Track

Almost half of Americans say they’re too busy to exercise because of work or other obligations.

Nowadays, our feeds are filled with gym motivation Instagram accounts where fitness influencers share tips on how to achieve #bodygoals.

If your work out inspiration is lacking, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 10 gym motivation Insta accounts to follow.

Benefits of Following Fitness Accounts

Thanks to social media, it’s never been easier to find people who are passionate about the same things. There are many advantages to connecting with Instagram fitness users, for instance:

Boosts Motivation

After a long day at work, it’s difficult to get motivated for a gym session, especially during winter.

But when you’ve got top fitness Instagram influencers flexing their killer workouts, you’ll be more determined to get fit.


Because of the growth of fitness Instagram influencers, it’s easy to find workout inspiration. You’ll be bombarded with tips on how to improve your physical wellness from eating cleaner to learning new routines.

Support Groups

As you browse fitness Instagram accounts, you’ll also meet others in a similar position to you. Breaking free from a sedentary lifestyle is difficult, so use social media marketing services as a chance to connect.

When you follow fitness accounts and share your journey, you will get motivated to put in the work.

Our Top 10 Favorite Fitness Instagram Accounts

Now you know how important following fitness influencers are, these are the best fitness Instagram accounts out there. Check them out to get inspired.

1. Kayla Itsines

Kayla is the founder of BBG (Bikini Body Guide) which was launched on her SWEAT app. All workouts are 28-minutes long and you’re given three workouts to complete each week.

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The gym-based app gives you simple instructions and video demonstrations so you avoid the risk of injury when working out.

You’ll find samples of these exercises on her Instagram alongside classic BBG routines. Kayla is also a great follow for new moms, as she spoils her audience with post-pregnancy workouts.

2. Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson

You may notice Björnsson from his role as Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane in Game of Thrones, but he was also crowned the World’s h3est Man in 2011.

This is the account to follow if you’re crazy about weight-lifting and need extra inspiration. If you want on-demand access to his content, you can learn how to download his Instagram videos here: https://setapp.com/how-to/download-instagram-videos.

3. Hannah Davis

Hannah Davis treats her followers to heaps of mini workouts, meal plans, and mindfulness tips. Instead of focusing on the end results, Hannah encourages her community to focus on the present as it’s far more motivating.

4. Ben Bruno

Crazy about using landmines in your workout? Then Ben Bruno is for you.

Your feed will be flooded with landmine-based exercises and loaded with Ben’s opinions on everything from CrossFit to what it’s like to pursue a career in training.

He also teaches you a fantastic way to squat with a landmine. First, hold the barbell in a landmine and stand in front of it. Next, lower yourself as far as you can go, and push back up. Bruno suggests doing three sets of 10 for best results.

5. Lauren Kanski

Lauren Kanski is a personal trainer at Performix House and a nutrition coach. Because of this, she offers brilliant advice to her followers to get them motivated.

You can find her on Instagram or on her app Ladder, where you can sign up for one-on-one personal training.

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6. Ebenezer Samuel

Ebenezer is the Fitness Director at Men’s Health. If that’s not enough to convince you, head to his Instagram to see several new workouts each week. He mainly focuses on workouts that hit your core while training other muscles.

7. Luke Worthington

No gym motivation Instagram list is complete without mentioning Luke Worthington.

Not only a physiotherapist but Luke’s also a former international athlete, Nike trainer, and personal instructor to A-list celebs. Through his exercises, Luke focuses on body alignment to prevent injury and improve muscle strength.

8. Megan Roup

Megan Roup rose to fame because of The Sculpt Society, her cardio class.

She posts fun dance videos mixed with toning exercises so you get fit while having a blast. If you don’t live in NYC or don’t have a gym membership, join The Sculpt Society app to learn her signature workouts wherever you are.

9. Cassey Ho

We have to add Cassey Ho to our gym motivation Instagram list.

Cassey’s bubbly personality encourages followers to learn more about Pilates. She’s founder of POP Pilates, where she fuses pop music with her favorite workout, and posts useful tips on her social media for her 1.5 million fans.

10. Don Saladino

Another A-list celeb personal trainer is Don Saladino.

Don lives in New York and shares daily workout videos with his followers to help them sculpt their bodies. You must also check out his video “Superhero Shred” to get into shape.

One fun video is where Don suggests placing your phone on your lower back without letting it fall. The aim is to keep your lower back perfectly balanced for at least 30 seconds so you strengthen your core.

That’s Our Gym Motivation Instagram List

Now you know the fitness influencers that make our gym motivation Instagram list.

Whether they help celebs achieve their dream bods or have exclusive apps, these fitness gurus offer the best tricks of the trade. You can also become part of their community and connect with likeminded people who will motivate you to live a better, healthier life. Good luck!

Did you find this article helpful? If so, check out our posts on Fitness, filled with useful tips to help your fitness journey.

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