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How Training Age Affects Your Bodybuilding Workout

In order to get the most from your bodybuilding workout, you need to understand some of the changes that your body goes through over time. While most people only take their chronological age (how old they are) into account when piecing together their muscle building workouts, it’s also critical to take into account the role that your training age (how long you’ve been consistently performing your bodybuilding workout) will play.

Your Training Age

If you’ve been training to build muscle mass for a while now, you’ve no doubt realized that things change a bit after you’ve been training consistently for a few months. Not only do your muscles typically feel stronger as you begin to pack on mass but most people notice that their rest intervals between sets in their bodybuilding workout steadily decrease. These are all common progressions due to an extended training age. It’s critical that you begin to take some of these adaptations into account when putting together your next bodybuilding workout.

Here’s how an increased training age can affect your bodybuilding workout…

1.) An increased training age typically leads to a lower optimal repetition range for muscle stimulation – This means that in order stimulate muscle growth, you will typically structure your bodybuilding workouts to target a lower rep bracket with a higher weight.

While this is partially due to the fact that your muscles are stronger than when you first started training, it’s also important to realize that by consistently performing your bodybuilding workout, you have prepared your mind for heavier, lower rep training.

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2.) An increased training age typically leads to an ability for your body to handle an increased training volume. This is primarily due to the fact that your body has been challenged in the past and has had some time to adapt. It’s now more efficient at allowing your muscles to rest and recover both between sets and bodybuilding workouts. Because of this you can pump up the volume (total number of sets) of your workouts to get maximum muscle growth.

3.) Unless you’re one of those people who likes to over train and not build any muscle mass, your workouts need to be less frequent as your training age increases. This is both a function of the lower repetition higher weight training that you’re now capable of putting your body through and your body’s increased capacity to handle more training volume. Basically now that you’ve been hitting the gym for awhile now, you’re in a position to make your bodybuilding workout as hard hitting and potent as possible! Because of this you need to focus on getting into the gym – stimulating muscle growth and getting out quickly as possible, without overdoing it.

So…if you’re serious about building muscle mass and you’ve been hitting the gym for more than a few months, you may need to optimize your bodybuilding workout routine for these common training age related factors in order to continue to move towards your muscle gain goals. And I think, the weightbenchguide can help you to know the exact muscle building process and bodybuilding workout routine. Not only will you continue to gain muscle mass and strength, but you’ll be going a long way to protect your body from the type of unnecessary injury often associated with over training.

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