Anavar (Oxandrolone) – Steroid profile, Application scheme and UK market

Anavar in UK market

Oxandrolone appeared on the market in the 60s under the brand name Anavar. It was originally used as a medicine to prevent loss of muscle mass in people bedridden due to accidents or diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Despite the relatively mild action, athletes began to use Anavar to prepare for the competition. Oxandrolone gave muscles strength, firmness and relief. Athletes, wrestlers and boxers use a steroid to improve athletic performance without muscle hypertrophy.

The USFDA has severely restricted the use of the steroid (strictly on prescription) by introducing criminal penalties for its illegal release and trafficking. As a result, he disappeared from the market by the end of the 80s. Since no alternative has appeared, the drug is again available for wide consumption.

Steroid effects

Anabolic helps:

·       increased strength and endurance, even in conditions of calorie deficiency;

·       fat loss;

·       increase muscle density and hardness;

·       removing excess water from the body;

·       recovery of the body after training;

·       protein synthesis.

Increased Protein Synthesis

The use of Oxandrolone leads to an accelerated set of muscle mass. However, due to the low androgenic activity, it does not do this as fast as other anabolic steroids. Therefore, it is better for men to combine it with “meat-gaining” steroids, for example, Methandrostenolone, Nandrolone or testosterone preparations, buy now.

Faster Exercise Recovery

Oxandrolone has an anti-catabolic effect. Thanks to the steroid, the muscles are not destroyed, but restored.

Strength increase

Athletes who use Oxandrolone experience a significant increase in strength indicators. The drug increases the digestibility of protein from food and increases the production of red blood cells. That is, the body receives more fuel and regenerates in accelerated mode.

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Blocking estrogenic side effects

Oxandrolone (like Stanozolol or Primobolan) does not turn into estrogen. Excess estrogen in the male body inhibits muscle growth and causes side effects such as water retention in the tissues, gynecomastia and the deposition of fatty tissue in the female type. Oxandrolone does not aromatize into estrogens and blocks these processes when taken together with androgens.

Fat burning

Although the action of the steroid Anavar does not focus directly on fatty tissues, it speeds up the metabolism in the body and increases muscle mass. Since muscles burn calories even at rest, more muscle mass = more calories burned. Given that on the course the body is constantly working in a state of anabolism, this process is intensified. Athletes get a beautiful, sculpted body with a minimal rollback effect.

Use of Oxandrolone in Women

In a healthy female body, estrogen levels exceed the amount of testosterone. Women fear that taking steroids will upset this balance and lead to endocrine problems. In the case of Oxandrolone, the risks are minimal. Due to the molecular structure, the androgenic index of the steroid is very low, which makes it the best anabolic stimulant for athletes.

However, risks still exist. Women should be prepared for these side effects:

·       coarsening of the voice;

·       excessive hair growth;

·       clitoral enlargement.

If you identify them at an early stage and stop taking the anabolic, the consequences are easily reversible.

Application Schemes for Men

Men will get the maximum return not from taking Oxandrolone solo, but from combined courses.

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Women’s course of Oxandrolone

Anavar’s programs for women are universal. To get the result with minimal side effects, the steroid is taken in an even background. The permissible dose is 5–20 mg. The duration of the course of Oxandrolone is 6-8 weeks.

Since women do not produce testosterone, post-cycle therapy is not necessary. To maintain the energy level and prevent weight gain after the course, it is advisable to use cardarin in a dosage of 20 mg per day for 4 weeks.

How to take Oxandrolone

The half-life of the substance is 10 hours. According to sports doctors, the steroid is effective for the first 5 hours after taking it. Therefore, it is advisable to divide the daily dose into two parts, taking one during breakfast and the second during dinner.


You can not use Oxandrolone if there are the following health problems:

·       prostate diseases;

·       chronic kidney disease;

·       hypercalcemia;

·       oncology;

·       liver disease

·       disturbances in the work of the heart;

·       high cholesterol;

·       diabetes;

·       thyroid disorder;

·       chronic lung disease;

·       thrombosis.

In addition, it is strictly forbidden to use Anavar by women during pregnancy and lactation, as well as while taking blood thinners or steroid medications (prednisone and others).

Side effects

This is one of the safest steroids. Possible side effects of oxandrolone:

·       acne

·       increase in blood pressure;

·       an increase in blood cholesterol;

·       liver damage;

·       decreased libido;

·       depression;

·       hair loss;

·       suppression of the production of own testosterone.

Most often, athletes encounter only the first four. The production of testosterone is restored thanks to competent post-cycle therapy. The remaining problems are easily solved with the help of available medicines and nutritional supplements.

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