Fixing your Smile in the New Year

Fixing your Smile in the New Year

Making resolutions are great to document and administer self-improvement strategies for the new year. Personal and physical goals such as exercise and diet plans often spring to mind and start out great before waning off as the year rolls on. Often some of the easiest and most effective transformations are overlooked. Your smile!  Why not start the New Year off with the best version of yourself?  Look and feel beautiful inside and out. Looking good can give you the confidence you need to really go after your New Year resolutions with vigour. Why not start with your smile? Your smile is one of the first things people notice when meeting you for the first time and you never get a second chance to make a first impression. The new year is the perfect time to fix your smile and start the year with a bang.

Go into the New Year with perfect pearly whites and take charge of your life. Christmas and new year’s festivities can take a toll on your smile with the excessive consumption of food, alcohol and desserts can affect your pearly whites, so there is no better time to go to your dentist for a clean, check and look at fixing any problems you might have. Oral hygiene is very important to maintain a happy, healthy lifestyle. The old saying look good, feel good comes to mind and definitely rings true when dental health is concerned. Each aspect of your life requires attention and why not treat yourself to some much needed dental work in the New Year. Believe it or not, your smiling has a direct effect on your mental wellbeing. When you smile your body releases endorphins and serotonin into your body thus affecting your general mood. So the more you smile, the happier you will be, and you’re more likely to smile if your teeth are looking their best.  So whether you’re looking for love or trying to get that promotion, smiling will help you achieve these goals. As people who smile tend to appear happier and confident. Whether you require serious dental work or need a few cosmetic touches such as whitening or straightening the new year is a great time to fix these issues.

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Correcting your dental issues at the start of the year can save you money in the long run as often these conditions can worsen and result in more expensive procedures further down the track. What are you waiting for? Go to your dentist for a clean and check-up and catch these problems before they get any worse. Maybe it’s time you fixed your overbite that has been on your mind for years and has been causing you to shy away from smiling and shining your radiance where ever you go.

The New Year is the perfect time for reflection and projection. It is a time that you can try out numerology to help guide your self-knowledge and make the best choices as possible. Reflect on the year that has been and think of all the aspects of your life you would like to improve. Project those improvements into the new year by writing down goals. Why not do it smiling? After all, smiles are contagious so why not make the world a brighter place by smiling more and spreading the joy to your fellow humans.  A beautiful smile and great oral hygiene is a great start and will give you the necessary tools and mindset to achieve your goals and get that promotions or partner. Start the New Year running with healthy, happy teeth and smile your way through 2018.

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