The Use of Integrative Health Treatments

Integrative Health Treatments

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

The body uses hormones to send various messages to different parts of the body. Hormones are the chemical substances produced by various glands located in different parts of the body. Hormones are the controlling features in the majority of body functions like digestion, wellbeing, brain activity, sexuality, physical appearance, and growth. As you advance in age, the body starts producing reduced amounts of these hormones, or they are not produced in balanced quantities, especially the sex hormones estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. The main symptoms associated with hormonal disorders include fatigue, weight gain, sleep troubles, low libido, night sweats, anxiety, hot flashes, depression, muscle loss, erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness, moodiness, memory loss and formation of wrinkles. In severe cases, the symptoms progress and become extreme to the extent that they influence your lifestyle and life quality. The productivity and performance in duties might be greatly reduced as well as the overall body image. Ignacio Guzman MD is one of the best integrative health treatments ;medicine physicians located in Fresno, CA, who can competently handle all your bio-identical hormone replacement therapy or IV therapy treatments.

The Science of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Bio-identical hormones are natural hormones that have been extracted from natural plants such as yams. The extracted hormones need to be chemically, biologically, and structurally similar to the hormones produced by the body. When the hormones are administered into the body system, they are able to help in balancing the hormone levels, minimizing the symptoms experienced, and solving some health issues associated with hormonal disorders. Prior to administering the extracted hormones, they need to be comprehensively tested to determine their potency, quality, and sterility. The hormones affect both the internal and external parts of the body, so it is essential to maintain their balance at all times. In the present-day bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is commonly used in various forms such as injections, implanted pellets, creams, patches, and gels.

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Bioidentical Pellets

You and your physician are the only two individuals who can collaboratively determine the best form of BHRT to use. In many cases, pellets have been highlighted the best methods of naturally introducing hormones into the body. The pellets containing the hormones are planted into the body every three to four months. When the pellets are implanted, they systematically release a specific number of hormones evenly for a certain period of time. The pellets are tiny and cylindrical, resembling rice or grain. Pellet implantation takes a duration of about 1o to 5 minutes in the physician’s office.

Identifying if pellets are ideal for you

Pellets are most suitable for individuals who portray symptoms of low libido, anxiety, depression, moodiness, tremendous weight gain, insomnia, and irritability. If the above symptoms are prevalent, then you are most likely an ideal patient for the BHRT pellet therapy.

What makes BHRT Pellet Therapy Effective?

Pellets are an excellent and effective choice of administering the hormones in the body because they provide constant, even, and healthy amounts for a period of twelve to twenty-four weeks. The dosage varies depending on the size of the pellet and the needs of an individual. The risks and side effects associated with pellets are also minimal, as opposed to other treatment methods like the use of the synthetic hormone. The dosage in the pellet is customized to meet the demands of each individual patient.


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