How to Find a Dermatologist

Find a Dermatologist


It can be quite scary and nerve wracking to put your skincare in the hands of another person, whether they’re professionals or not. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, finding a great dermatologist can be an enjoyable learning experience, and it doesn’t have to be difficult. You can find the ideal dermatologist in no time if you keep doing your research and asking the right questions. Lina Naga of SkinDC is a renowned skin professional who can provide professional skin care practices.

Finding a Dermatologist

The easiest way to locate a dermatologist is to get a referral from your general practitioner. They will likely know a reputable dermatologist in their circles, but you’ll have to be specific about whether you’re looking for a cosmetic dermatologist or a general doctor. A cosmetic dermatologist treats persistent skin discoloration, scars, or wrinkles. They also offer laser treatment, injections, and peels. General dermatologists on the other hand treat skin conditions like moles, rosacea, acne and rashes. They also offer solutions for brown spots and wrinkles.

Talk to your close relatives and friends, making sure to ask them what they liked about the dermatologist. Ask questions such as, if the staff was helpful and friendly and if the doctor offered other options. Find out if the doctor was supportive and open during and after the procedure, and confirm if your friend or relative has been seeing them for long. They would be able to give a more reliable recommendation if they have been seeing the practitioner for years rather than once or twice. Check if your friend’s skin looks good and has a healthy glow.

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Dermatologist’s Credentials

Check the dermatologist’s website for his or her biography and board certification. Note the general focus of the doctor’s specialty, whether it’s on cosmetic or general dermatology. A great dermatologist would have specialized in one field or another, but not both. Choose a dermatologist who will name treatments such as Botox or fillers, as specific services. He or she is more experienced than a practitioner that claims to do all kinds of skin procedures.

Schedule a consultation on one of the busiest days so that you can take advantage of a full waiting room and talk to other patients about their experiences. Don’t get frustrated if you have to wait for a few weeks to get a consultation. This is actually a good sign as it shows the physician is trusted by many people and is on demand. Most physicians charge a consultation fee but if you decide to go with the dermatologist, the fee will be added to the cost of a procedure. Find out if the doctor will be present for the consultation.

Dermatologist’s Attitude and Demeanor

As you begin the consultation, let the dermatologist do the talking. Make it clear to the dermatologist what kind of skin treatment you’re looking for, whether it’s a cosmetic or a general skin treatment, and what specific areas of your body you’re looking to treat. Then listen to how he or she addresses your concerns and what types of treatment they suggest. The way the dermatologist approaches your needs will give you a sense of how aggressive he or she is such as if he or she recommends drastic treatments like injections or chemical peel for simple issues such as discoloration of the skin or a mole.

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