Move over Diva Cups! New Menstrual Cups to Consider

Move over Diva Cups!  New Menstrual Cups to Consider

A menstrual cup is known to be a feminine hygiene product which can be reused. It is a funnel shaped cup made up of flexible material, such as rubber or silicone. The cup is designed flexibly so that it can be used inside the vagina during the period, so as to collect the menstrual blood. The cup is generally used to collect the menstrual flow, rather than absorbing it like tampons and pads. They are definitely worth when trying it.

It is advantageous of using these cups as they can stay up to 12 hours before being emptied or rinsed. Moreover they also have fewer leaks as compared to tampons or pads. At the same time they also have fewer odors. Using menstrual cups will help to keep your other vaginal fluids right. They are also easy to insert and remove, without facing any difficulties.

Apart from enjoying the benefits of using these cups, another thing which has become easier when using these cups is disposal. The benefits are massive; likewise you do not have to run to the washroom to change within certain time period. It is a reusable cup and proves to be excellent in many ways.

  1. Diva cup

These menstrual cups are available in different sizes and types. Among them one of them is the Diva cup. Using this product shall leave you worry free for hours, and you can concentrate in other work. Moreover they are reliable and one can easily get the hang of using it. Using these diva cups shall give you wonderful benefits. Using diva cups builds up a lot of confident among the women; although being a little uncomfortable in those days. Apart from this it also prevents you from the embarrassing leaks which a women faces at this stage.

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There are yet many things that you can love about the Diva cup. It is scent free and no other materials have been used which can harm the body. Besides this, it is gentle and easy to insert and remove. These cups are highly organic and there is no toxic chemicals used in it. It eventually gives you freedom to live your like the other days.

Apart from its benefits there are also certain rules and regulations that must be followed when using these cups. It is relevant to always sterilize it before and after use. It must be used with clean hands and must be well maintained for further use.

  1. Lena cup

After knowing about the Diva cup, we can take a glimpse on the Lena cup as well. This is one of the smallest menstrual cups till now which is available in the market. This kind of cups is suitable for those users who are using menstrual cups for the first time. It is used both by teenagers and adults as well. Women’s with a normal menstrual flow is also suitable to use it.

It has also been seen that this cup has become one of the most popular menstrual cup brands in the world. Lena cup is a cup for everyone, as it comfortably sits into your vagina and keeps you active and comfortable during your periods. Apart from this it also becomes relevant to check that the cup is well positioned, so that it doesn’t cause any type of problem.

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Using this menstrual cup helps to fix down all your problems, and keep you dry during your working periods. These cups have the highest quality medical grade silicone in it. Moreover these cups are now easily available online and you can easily learn more about the Lena Cup online.

  1. Fleur cup

Another popular menstrual cup which you should know about is the Fleur cup. This menstrual cup was developed and manufactured in France. It is a small size Fleur cup menstrual cup which is highly recommended to the young women’s who are teenaged or below 30. The cup is made from safe medical grade silicone. It is a good menstrual cup with a suitable firmness, and is suitable for both low and high cervix.

Coming to its colors these menstrual cups are available in different colors such as pale pink, purple, orange, red, blue, and green and black. It is designed keeping the comfort of the women in mind. It is a high quality cup, having an adequate holding capacity. Besides this it is also moderately priced, and reusable for several years. The cup seems to provide unprecedented leak protection, and is really easy to clean and use.

Feminine hygiene products for personal menstrual care have risen up over the past few years. Menstrual cups have become one of the most preferred choices for the women’s these days. This is why we get to see a variety of menstrual cups these days. Like all the other menstrual cups you must also learn about the Lena cup, as they are mostly available in brands, varieties and different designs.

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