Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Cardio

cardio workout

We live in a free world whereby the choice is ours to do whatever we want. Unless you’re causing problems or causing people harm, there is no wrong answer regarding what choices you make. As long as you’re happy, the decisions you make are fine. It would be a little foolish not to at least give your fitness a little consideration, though. It’s wise to stay in good, healthy shape for as long as we’re able. 


As we said before, it’s not mandatory that your body is kept active, but it would help you out a lot. Let’s say you’re an active gym-goer that enjoys throwing weights around and checking out their looks in the mirror. That’s a pretty darn good session! A lot of people, however, tend to focus solely on the weights and the diet side of things. If you eat correctly and work out properly, you can get yourself in super shape – that’s for certain, but you’ve got to have that cardio workout in your life, too! 


A lot of influencers nowadays like to push the idea of cutting out cardio for reasons that, well, suit them and the things they want to sell. Cardio is, and will always be a hugely beneficial practice. Let’s look at reasons as to why you shouldn’t neglect cardiovascular exercise. 


It Massively Aids Weight Loss  


Well, duh! Obviously! We all know that cardio, whether it’s intense of fairly tame, burns calories a lot of calories and helps us shed the pounds. For those of you that run, walk, swim, row, etc. a lot: you don’t need to learn this as you’re vastly experienced! For many people that live in a gym and don’t touch the cardio machines, however, they need to understand this! There are so many out there that neglect cardio because they feel weights will be enough. It’s almost never is. Sure, there might be some ectomorphs that burn calories faster than the speed of light, but we’re not all that lucky!

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Mental Health 


Cardiovascular exercise does an absolutely amazing job on the brain. It almost acts like medication. When we get the blood pumping faster, our brains release things called endorphins that fire around the body and make us feel good. It gives us a boost of positivity and confidence so that we’re able to do more things with added conviction. Have you ever ran for a brief spell and then felt like a million bucks afterwards? That’s the chemicals doing their bit. 


Of course, when you’re out there burning calories, you’re going to feel a sense of achievement. It’s hard work, but in the end, you’re happy you got over the line – and that feels so good. The way you look at yourself and the way you feel about yourself improves, too. Self-love is wonderful! 


Have More Energy 


In life, we need to have that spring in our step to be able to do most things – even if they’re basic, domestic ones. Cardio gives us that boost of energy that we may not have had if we spend our free time lazing around. This is the season to be proactive and always on the move, so why not make this a healthy summer? Once you begin and realize just how much energy you’ve gained, you’ll be given a huge buzz!  


Can Prevent Illnesses And Diseases 


When you do that mean cardio, you’re going to reduce the risk of having a heart attack hugely. Your cholesterol is going to be less of a problem, and you could lower your blood pressure. It’s been said that you can reduce the chances of cancer by partaking in some of this exercise, too. 

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