5 Top Ways to Improve Your Posture

5 Top Ways to Improve Your Posture

If I ask you to look at yourself in a full-length mirror right now, would your body be slumped with bad posture? If the answer is Yes, you might quickly change your posture, sit up straight and pull your shoulders back, but in some time, when you have completely forgotten about what you saw in the mirror, your body might begin to slump again.

If all of us had a mirror in front of us all day long, reflecting how we walk, sit and stand, good posture would have been more on our minds. Having the right posture is more about just looking good. It helps to develop strength, balance, flexibility; keeps bones in healthy alignment, helps avoid back pain and reduces stress on muscles and ligaments.

Ready to learn? Good. Start improving your posture with these 5 tips.

Stand Up Tall

The best way to prevent posture problems?

Straighten up. Do not slouch.

The more you let your back relax in weird positions, the more issues it will cause. So, stand up tall, you will feel better, slimmer and look better. Stand against the wall, just like you do when measuring height – with your shoulders back, knees straight, and belly tucked in. Do this exercise for about twenty minutes every day so that you can maintain the correct posture and straighten up.

Save Heels for a Big Night Out

They might be in fashion, but they put pressure on your spine, which over-arches your back. Pumps, sky-high shoes, stilettos put more weight on your knees and nerves, which also causes back pain. So, it’s advisable to avoid heels for daily wear.

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In the case you are required to wear heels on a daily basis, then take proper care of your posture. Choose a lower, chunky heel.

Also, instead of putting them on immediately as you leave for work, wear sneakers for the commute and switch to heels, once you reach your workplace. Similarly, take off your heels when you are on your desk. This will give your knees and spine the much-needed relief.


Your body needs to move to be able to function properly. Therefore, a well-designed workout plan is necessary. Even if you have a desk job, you should incorporate some easy exercises to keep your body and spine in tip-top shape.

Extra pounds around your belly puts extra pressure on your back. So, avoid sitting in a position for long, get up for a while, stretch your body and go for a short walk. This will not only improve your blood circulation but will also reduce stress on your back and spine.

Lay the foundation of change with professional treatment

Exercise can only help you with prevention. However, if you already are suffering from serious neck, back, and shoulder issues, then it is advisable to seek some professional assistance.

Bad posture can make some muscles short and tense, and hence result in chronic lower back pain, poor blood circulation, increased stress, poor digestion, fatigue and more. So, as early as possible, consult a specialist of osteopathy in London.

Osteopathic treatment helps release the muscular stress and tension. The gentle osteopathic manipulation technique soothes the overstimulated nerves and restores the tissue alignment.

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Specialists of osteopathy in London also help in identifying and addressing the core cause of chronic back pain, stress, musculoskeletal issues, etc.

Hit the Hay the right Way

Love sleeping on your cloud-like mattress? I know you do, it is soft, springy and comfortable. But do you know if it loves you back? The answer is no!

Sleeping time is no excuse to slack. So, skip the soft, saggy mattress and invest in a firm mattress, which helps hold your spine’s natural shape. A firm mattress will not only last you a lifetime but will also help improve your posture.

If you are a side sleeper, don’t hug your knees and place a pillow under your head, so it’s level with your spine.

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