Testosterone Cypionate Injection: New Way of Curing Testosterone Deficiency Problems in Body

Testosterone Cypionate Injection: New Way of Curing Testosterone Deficiency Problems in Body

Testosterone is the natural male hormone inside the male body which helps the male body to gain its sexuality. Sometimes, the case is that some person suffers from low testosterone level along with low bone density which does not provide the body its proper physique. Therefore, testosterone anabolic steroids were discovered which could be taken orally or through needles. Testosterone Cypionate injection is injected in the male body to release the male hormones. These are artificial injections of testosterone in the body. It has been approved legally by very few countries because some side effects which it causes might endanger your life.

Thus, it is seen that testosterone is the androgen in the male body. It is referred to as a long ester and is oily in texture. It helps in the management of hypogonadism in the male body that is to stable the testosterone level in the body along with increasing muscle.

Mechanism of working of Testosterone Cypionate injections

The effect of testosterone injections works in two mechanism and they are:

  • androgen receptor activates as DHT or directly
  • conversion to estradiol and some estrogen receptors activation

The steps that are followed after injecting testosterone injections are:

  • Free testosterone is released and is bound with androgen receptors or is changed to DHT by a cytoplasmic enzyme
  • The DHT binds with same androgen receptor which increases the potency more than the free testosterone.
  • The DHT-receptor so formed undergoes some structural changes and move towards cell nucleus and binds together with the DNA.
  • Thus, this lead to some transcription genetic changes and produces some androgen effects in the male body.

Pharmacokinetics for testosterone injections

Testosterone are also available is gels, ointment for abruption in the layers of skins and directly affect the body system. It is called as intramuscularly testosterone. The serum which is used as testosterone binds with a protein. It has greater affinity to sex hormone binding globulin than albumin. The albumin dissociates freely and SHBG activates its function. The active DHT which has stronger attraction towards SHBG combines and leads to the function of releasing testosterone and body building muscles.

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There are specific routes which the pharmacokinetics follows:

Subcutaneous route: The testopel used that is the testosterone subcutaneous pellets usually works for six months long. Their actions are very effective.

Intramuscular route: The esters work for 2-4 weeks and then the normal process starts. For regular use, consultation of doctor is taken and then only application of these ointment or serums should be made.

Safety measures taken while injecting

  • Children should not be taking this unless and until advised by the physician.
  • This medication is not advisable to athletes by organization.
  • Person who is suffering from these diseases given below should not consume testosterone or products related to testosterone. The diseases are- breast cancer, sleeping problems, diabetes, kidney disease, lung disease, prostate cancer, liver diseases, heart diseases.
  • The gels used are basically flammable in nature. Therefore they should be kept away from fire and smoking should be avoided when gels is applied.
  • Transdermal creams include aluminum as one of its ingredients. Thus, the patch of aluminum used should be removed before any scanning like MRI scanning and all.
  • Care should be taken while injecting intradermal administration of injections because several breathing problems have been noted immediately after injecting.
  • It can stimulate the growth of cancerous tissue in patients which might lead to breast or prostate cancer.
  • Patients suffering from prostatic hypertrophy may be in danger of their life because of injection of these compounds because androgen therapy may cause to increase the risk of malignancy which is dangerous.
  • An elderly person who faces some dermatologists’ problems must not use testosterone injections.
  • Elderly people who are above 65 years of age are not eligible for testosterone injections.
  • People suffering from hepatitis dysfunctions should be careful while injecting these steroid testosterone injections.
  • Persons suffering from sleep apnea should not be injected.
  • Persons suffering from less hemoglobin should be very careful about the steroid injections.
  • Gels used for testosterone is very harmful of mothers who breast feed.
  • Using of testosterone injections for pregnant women is very dangerous to the health of the baby and the mother.
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Side Effects caused by Testosterone Injections

Testosterone injections are favorable for deficiency of several male problems and one of them includes hypogonadism. Due to use of these testosterone Cypionate injections several side effects could be seen. Some of the common side effects are as follows:

  • prolonged erections
  • male pattern baldness
  • acne
  • nausea
  • headache
  • depression
  • allergic reactions
  • oily skin with excess production of sebum
  • enlarged breasts in men
  • excess puberty hair growth even in adults, hair growth all over the body
  • skin rash
  • water retention
  • liver dysfunction
  • decrease or increase sex drive
  • anxiety
  • numbness
  • pain and inflammation during injecting
  • increased risk of red blood cells
  • decreased testicular size
  • aggression
  • bad mood swings
  • worsening of sleep apnea
  • increased urinary problems
  • sometimes lead to prostate cancer
  • lower fertility
  • risk of heart attack to people who use this injections after 65 years of age
  • stops the natural production of testosterone
  • fast aging of bones
  • penis enlargement
  • leads to breast cancer in severe cases
  • reduce sperm count
  • causes gynecomastia
  • severe gum irritations
  • sometimes blocking of veins
  • fluid filled blisters
  • unpleasant taste in mouth
  • swelling at different parts of the body
  • jaundice, in some cases

These are some severe as well as small and minute side effects that can be caused to both men and women on use of Testosterone Cypionate injections.

These injections should be kept at very safe place away from heat because of its flammable character. It should always be kept at room temperature of 20 to 25 degrees. Expired injection compounds should not be used at all because it might cause more severe side effects which are unimaginable. Thus these injections at some point have always been helpful to the needy. Doctor’s recommendation and guidelines should be taken before taking any further decision on this matter.

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