Becoming their Rock: How to Encourage your Partner during a Fitness Regime

Becoming their Rock: How to Encourage your Partner during a Fitness Regime

You have heard your partner say thousands of times that they are looking to lose weight. But have they ever actually been able to follow through with their words? True, no one likes looking a little overweight and it can play havoc on your self-esteem if your image in the mirror is not the one you envisioned for yourself. Worse still, if you have an important event coming up, like a wedding or a holiday, then you may feel extremely self-conscious leaving in a skin-tight outfit, like a swimsuit or a formal dress. If your partner is concerned enough to complain about their physical fitness but not pumped up enough to actually do something about it, this is where you should step in.

You need to be ready to be the driving force behind their exercise routine. If they fall off it then you need to be the safety net that gets them back on their feet. It is always difficult to begin your regime on your own, so why not jump on board their plans and truly become the rock that keeps them moving forward? Everyone needs a little support from time to time. So get your gym shoes on and get ready to supply that steady flow of encouragement. Here are some motivation tips to keep your partner pumped up and ready for their next gym session.

Timetabling your Exercise Schedule

Before you even start on visiting your gym alongside your boyfriend/girlfriend, the first thing that you need to do is start scheduling when, where and what sort of exercises you and your partner will undertake. This will be important in the future, as you will need to be able to maintain and build on your stamina. If you start off with incredibly difficult exercises and are a novice when it comes to the world of the gym, then this may ultimately demotivate you in the future from repeating the intended exercises.

Sitting down with your partner can be a really good way of settling on what sort of exercises can be the best to get you started. If you are alone and need someone to speak to (and ultimately encourage you) then you need to consider, in this case, can booking escorts benefit you?. What you truly need is a confidant, whether that is a partner or a companion, that can speak to you honestly about what you should and should not do.

Another important aspect of timetabling yours and your partner’s exercise regime is how it will fit around your daily lives. Remember that your professional and social lives are important and you should not sacrifice them to spend more time exercising. You may also feel tired and will have to be aware that you may not ultimately be in the right mind frame to encourage or help excise alongside your partner. So only schedule in exercise periods that you know you can commit to. Exercise periods can be in the gym, in your own home or can just be a quick jog around your local park. They can be in the morning, during a lunch break or in the evening after work. Schedule in what feels most comfortable for you and your partner. Once you have the basics sorted, as well as an idea about the sort of exercise you will undertake, then you can encourage your partner to stick to your plans.

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Avoid Nagging

One of the worst thing that you can do to your partner during a fitness regime is to nag them about their choices. If they forget about a gym session or perhaps eat something they are meant to avoid, do not go on the offensive and make them feel bad about it. That will only make them go on the offensive and feel resentment towards you. You do not want to bully them or guilt them into their regime. After all, this is meant to be their own choice and you are there to encourage them. Instead of shouting at them, why not offer them alternatives, such as a different time to undertake the exercise, or perhaps just raid the fridge of their fatty snacks, so that they will not fall off the regime again. Just be sure to talk to them about this and get them on board. If your partner feels like they are making an active choice in relation to their fitness regime, this will keep your relationship strong as they lose weight.

Listen to their Worries!

If you are looking for a way to motivate your partner, you need to be ready to communicate them throughout their intended exercise period. By pushing themselves to the limit, they may start to doubt themselves or lose faith that they can keep going on with their exercise. It is your job to dispell these worries and encourage them to keep going. The more positive you are about how they are improving, and the more you listen to the problems that are on their mind, the more likely that they will complete the exercise tasks that are set for them. Remain positive and don’t be scared to verbally motivate them during the exercise itself. You never know how far they can push themselves if you do not encourage them in the first place!

Set a Good Example

It can be extremely difficult to join a fitness session, or perhaps go out for a run, when you are on your own. The main purpose of your encouragement is to empower your partner. That is why if you can talk the talk then you should be able to walk the walk. Set your partner a good example by accompanying them to the gym or initiating a fitness session in your house. Whether this is to go on a running machine, or perhaps is just a Yoga session within your living room, what matters is that you can encourage them by proving that you are ready to commit to the journey by their side. The harder you work, the more likely that they will also try to keep up with you. If you and your partner also thrive on competition, why not make the regime fun by adding this spark to it? A competition could be that the one who loses the most calories during the work out will be made a delicious post-workout meal by their partner. That way you can motivate your partner to work out to ensure that they “win” during the evening.

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Fun and Unique Exercise

Remember that change cannot happen overnight. A fitness regime is a task that has to be built up to through smaller exercise to larger exercise. However, that does not mean that it cannot be fun! Everyone has different interests, therefore you and your partner have the opportunity to explore the different forms of exercise until you find something you enjoy. This can be swimming, cardio regimes or even through dancing classes. The last thing you want is for your partner to feel self-conscious whilst exercising, so be sure to find something that brings out their passion and confidence. That way you can create a foundation and build up to bigger challenges.

Set an End Goal

Whether your partner is losing weight for a special event or to improve your health, it is important to set an end goal to motivate them to exercise. For example, for a formal event, buy them a dress or suit that is 2 sizes smaller than their normal dress size. That way they can compare themselves to the outfit and fit into it once they have lost their weight. Having a physical representation of how much weight they can lose is a fantastic way of motivating them to continue their regime. However, you can also initiate smaller rewards for them if they hit potential weight targets, such as restaurant trips, spa trips or even just a small shopping spree in their favourite boutique!

Couples who exercise together, Stay Together!

Keep in mind that when it comes to physical fitness, you can only take control of your own health and happiness. You cannot fully take responsibility for your partner’s actions, but you can encourage them to make positive changes in their lifestyle. They will change when they are ready for it. Just make sure that you are also ready to jump on board and be there for them when the time finally arrives.

Content Writer: Hannah Fletcher

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