Create the perfect workout space at home

Create the perfect workout space at home

Why do people prefer to set a workout space at home? Well, they do it because they can ditch their gym membership, monthly fees, and stinky showers. And where do you count the time you spend on the way trying to get there? However, you have to keep in mind that if you decide to work out at home you will be your personal trainer, and you will not benefit from the support of a fitness expert. However, it is an amazing moment for you, because you have decided to focus on your health and happiness, and with the help of a workout routine, you will have no issues in enhancing your happiness and health levels.

Do not worry, it will not cost you thousands of pounds to buy the equipment; do not be intimidated before starting the project. You should customise the workout space according to your personal preferences. This article will only offer you guidance to keep you on track and help you understand what the main steps are.

Decide what room of the house you want to transform

It is recommended to choose the room of the house with the lowest traffic, because if people will keep coming and going they will bother your training, and you will use them as excuses to work less. In case you plan to use different spaces of the house for different training sessions, you should make sure that you maintain a balance between functionality and entertainment. If you plan to transform the living room into your workout space, it can bother the other members of the family, because they may want to watch TV when you want to work out.

Tips to choose a room:

  • Check if the space is well ventilated, because when you exercise you want to make sure that you stay hydrated. You can do it if you drink plenty of water and if the space is well ventilated. If the room lacks ventilation, you should keep the windows open while you exercise.
  • If your apartment is at a superior floor, you have to verify what is underneath the room you intend to convert in a home gym because you do not want your neighbours to hear how you drop weights in the middle of the night. The basement is the perfect space for this purpose.
  • Do you have space to place the equipment? If you plan to install equipment in the home gym then you should check the size of the room, and see if there are any items that can be relocated. You will need room for a yoga mat, weights, foam rollers, an agility ladder, and push-up bars. Depending on the type of exercises you practice, you will decide the spare space you need.
  • During your workout, there will be times when you will have to jump, and when you will do it, you will want the ceiling to be high enough not to injure yourself.
  • The majority of workout programs imply you moving around; therefore you will need free space.
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Create the perfect workout space at home

Flooring is the key

When working out, preventing injuries is vital. The floor is the main factor that determines the chances you have to hurt your knees and experience pains. If you know that you practice exercises that imply jumping or activities that can lead to slips, then you should install some rubber mats with rug runners beneath to make sure that they will not slide when you will move. The surface should be soft enough not to hurt yourself when you are jumping.

For some extra comfort and safety, you can install plyometric mats, they are denser and thicker than the yoga ones, and they will protect your joints from injuries.

If you plan to use the space for stretching, Pilates, and yoga, a simple yoga mat will be more than you need.

The atmosphere should inspire you to stay active

Who feels inspired to work hard when in a dungeon? The way the space looks has a great influence on your determination level. If you want to feel inspired to work out daily, you should make the space as welcoming as possible. You should look for ways to infuse the space with workout buzz, you will find on the market from stickers for occasions to quotes canvases. If you are the type of person who loves celebrations and events, then you should keep your workout space festive. For example, you can decorate it for Christmas, use penguin stickers to dress up the walls and install a small Christmas tree in one of the corners of the room. If you want to make the space more feminine, you can find on the market multi-coloured spotted star stickers that can be placed on the walls or on furniture items.

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Create the perfect workout space at home

Get the right equipment

Depending on the type of exercises you practice, you will have to invest in equipment. Some people are crazy to stock up their home gym with all the gear they can find on the market. It would be a waste of money. You will have to design your workout routine ahead and decide what equipment you need according to it.

No matter the type of exercises, you prefer you will need some free weights and bands. If you are eating right, and you do not skip your cardio exercises, you will burn fast all the fat you are carrying.

You should also check some pull-up solutions. They are essential especially for the persons who want to focus their workouts on their back, shoulders, and biceps. You should check the room to see if you have space where to install a pull-up bar.

And do not forget about the inspiration aides, you will need some fines tunes and images to encourage you to do one more push when you think you are exhausted. A music player is the perfect addition for a home gym, make a playlist with songs that inspire you to train harder, and match them with the photos you hang on the walls. They will motivate you to come back daily to your workout corner.

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