Winners Never Quit: Top 5 Martial Arts for Losing Weight and Learning How to Defend Yourself at the Same Time

Winners Never Quit: Top 5 Martial Arts for Losing Weight and Learning How to Defend Yourself at the Same Time

Martial arts are an excellent way to cut weight while gaining self-defense skills. Practice it alongside any fitness program, and you speed up the strenuous process of losing extra pounds. What’s more, it is an ideal strategy because you practice and work out away from the prying eyes of the public—and a perfect way to gain the skills you need to kick ass. But what are some of the best forms of martial arts for your weight-loss goals?

1. Krav Maga

Burn 600 to 800 Calories Per Hour practicing Krav Maga—which combines self-defense skills with weight loss. This art of war was created by Emrich “Imre” Lichtenfeld to help guard the Jews against Nazis. Soon after, the art was incorporated into the Israeli military forces.

Krav Maga is unique as it emphasizes survival on a lifelike basis. It also insists on the significance of maintaining your core. The techniques involved utilize various muscle groups just like workouts created by certified Aaptiv trainers; therefore you tone your body, burn excess calories and gain muscle simultaneously.

2. Boxing

Burn 400 to 800 Calories per hour practicing boxing. It is an all-inclusive form of martial arts. Novices start with intense cardio exercises like running and rope skipping. It takes a lot of training and perfection to master the footwork in boxing.

It is also a form of full body workout—punching helps tone arms while sparring using your hips helps build your core as well.

3. Judo

Burn 600 to 700 Calories per hour mastering Judo. This Japanese art created by Kano Jigoro, from another art known as jiu-jitsu.

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A regular judo program consists of strength and cardio training—which is done once and three times respectively in a week. Unlike other arts, judo entails close combat where you must be in contact with the enemy. These intense efforts to put an opponent on his back helps in burning up to 700 calories per hour.

4. Taekwondo

Lose 600 to 700 Calories per hour mastering Taekwondo— a South Korean martial art which entails the use of hands and feet.

You’ll particularly like it because it comprises both aerobic and anaerobic preparation exercises to get one ready for the art. It also includes weight exercises and emphasizes the lower limbs mainly through kicking. As a result, it can also help tone your lower body.

5. Kickboxing

Lose 400 to 500 Calories per hour practicing Kickboxing. It is, in essence, a mixture of kicking and boxing. So it is a form of martial art which allows kicks and punches.

It dates back to the 19th century and traces its origin to Japan. Running and sprinting is key in kickboxing because it entails thorough footwork. At the same time, it needs calisthenics, strength training, and sparring which both works to ensure high-intensity interval training thereby triggering higher human growth hormone and testosterone levels. These are the hormones that assist in building muscles and loss of weight.

Wrapping Up

Who wouldn’t rejoice in taking lessons that lead to weight loss while gaining essential self-defense skills? The bottom line; using martial arts to lose weight is a fun way to lose excess pounds.

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