Three (3) Awesome Foods for Long Diets

Three (3) Awesome Foods for Long Diets

I’d like to discuss the dreaded and inevitable topic that comes along with all weight loss and fitness programs: the DIET. Why so dreaded and why so inevitable you ask? Well, I know you’ve heard it all before, but let me re-emphasize what the truth of the matter is: “You cannot out-exercise a poor diet!”.

Why does that statement bring such a wave of truth over me whilst at the same time make one shudder at the thought? It’s because of how true it is: you can run all the marathons you want and you can lift all the weights in the world, but if you eat like crap, chances are that you’ll look and feel like crap as well.

With that in mind, and with the sustainability of what true dieting is in mind, let me make your life just a smidgen easier right now by providing you with three (3) awesome diet foods (some that happen to be my favorite as well).

boca chicken patty burgers boca flame grilled burgers

1) Veggie Burgers and Veggie Chicken Patties from Boca.

Now, Boca Burger is not paying me to list this and I am sure they will not mind the free referral, but if you want some veggie-diet substitution food that actually does not taste horrible (in fact, it tastes pretty good if grilled), then look no further than Boca.

Boca makes a couple frozen products that I am aware of: Boca Burgers and Boca Chicken patties…in fact, I just finished two chicken patties right now. I won’t go into the boring nutritional facts, but let’s just say that they are incredibly low in fat, high in FIBROUS carbohydrates, and high in protein: a great combination.

BONUS ITEM: Boca Burgers can be heated up in the microwave (about thirty seconds per patty) for a quick and easy snack. However, they will taste noticeably better when either pan seared or placed on the grill. Just FYI that you can choose EITHER taste OR convenience with this one. Rockin’.

jennie-o turkey franks

2) Jennie-O Turkey Franks / Dogs.

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Here’s an easy one that my household personally reaches for at least once every two weeks for a quick and healthy dinner option: Jennie-O Turkey Franks. Again, I am not being endorsed by Jennie-O (although sponsorship offers are ALWAYS warmly welcomed), but I do vouch for the effectiveness of this gem of a diet food.

Turkey dogs (franks) may have a different type of taste than you are used to with the standard pork and beef hot dogs that are typical items of consumption. Don’t worry though, after just a few instances of eating these turkey dogs, you’ll be used to the taste, come to enjoy it, and at the same time fill your mouth with much fewer calories than the typical average hot dog.

And no, these taste nothing like those HORRIBLE vegetarian or vegan tofu dogs that you’ve nearly puked on before!

BONUS: In addition to having great taste and being great at lowering the daily caloric intake, Jennie-O Turkey Franks are also SUPER cheap and you can find them in most local grocers’ freezers.

jolly time healthy pop popcorn

3) Low-Fat light butter popcorn.

Here’s one you may not have expected to see on the list of three awesome foods for long diets: low-fat (light butter) popcorn. Low-fat popcorn is low in fat (obviously) and also high in fibrous carbs: so, the majority of calories you are consuming are actually NETTED OUT as the fiber binds up in your digestive tract and is not counted towards your daily calories.

I have the Jolly Time Healthy Pop brand shown (another popular brand is “Skinny Pop”), but in all honestly, I simply tend to pick out the store brand because it is both less expensive and also just as (if not more) tasty as the name brand-name stuff. So, this is a case where I wouldn’t get too hung up on the brand-name since there are many options out there.

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Pop, pour, and chomp away…this late night snack is nearly guilt-free and very tasty for the deprived dieter.

Now, before you roast me too hard on the fact that none of these foods are NATURALLY found in nature: keep in mind that I do indeed advocate natural whole foods as part of the majority of intake while eating a balanced diet. However, we have to keep in mind that we are human, and there are times where we just don’t feel like eating right.

During those times, these three “diet” foods can be used as substitutes for what could be a splurge on items such as pizza or burgers: keep in mind that life is about balance and moderation, and the purpose of this post is simply to help educate on some of the more creative diet options that are available.

With all THAT said, let’s hear some of your suggestions for the most creative and favorite food options when you are on a diet, don’t feel like reaching for a head of broccoli or preparing a baked chicken breast, and just want something quick and yummy (and healthy). Comment away!

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