How to Choose the Top Bay Area Plastic Surgeon

How to Choose the Top Bay Area Plastic Surgeon

When you need an important plastic surgery performed, it is also just as important that you find the top Bay Area plastic surgeon when you live in that area. One, in fact, is Dr. Kirman – Bay Area Plastic Surgery. However, there are also many factors you need to be advised of in order to choose the top Bay Area plastic surgeon.

  1. Is the Surgeon You’re Selecting Board Certified?
    You can’t simply rely on the state’s board of medicine to ensure that plastic surgeons are qualified to actually do every surgery you are wanting to be done. Plastic surgeons don’t actually have to be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons (ABPS). They can perform any plastic surgery they want, choose what surgeries to accept, and more. In the general studies of plastic surgery, many of those who decide to pursue plastic surgery as their option are in it only for the increased money they can get. Be sure you ask every surgeon you encounter whether they are certified by the ABPS and if they say yes, ask for proof.
  2. Not All Surgeons Have Experience in Your Procedure
    This is important because you want someone who has done what you are wanting to have done. You don’t want someone who has done nothing but worked cooking pancakes all their life (and nothing more) to grill your steak the way you like it, right? Well, the same applies when it comes to choosing a plastic surgeon. Though plastic surgeons may have studied various and numerous forms of surgeries, it doesn’t mean they have actually performed these procedures. Be sure to ask if the surgeon has performed the procedure you’re wanting. If they say yes, ask for their photo album, as most plastic surgeons use photography to track before and after photos of every one of their operations (this helps build their credibility and experience for later in life). If they don’t have one, then find another board certified plastic surgeon.
  3. Find out What They Consider Beautiful
    You’re more than likely going to a plastic surgeon to enhance your beauty in your eyes. The thing is, some plastic surgeons won’t tell you the truth, and they won’t tell you about what they see unless you ask. Ask to see the photo album as mentioned above, and ask what they consider is beautiful and artistic. And don’t ever be afraid or ashamed to ask why. You can even ask him what he thinks about your case in this aspect. If the plastic surgeon cannot answer these types of questions, then he is probably not the right fit or a good surgeon for your operation.
  4. Make Sure the Entire Area is Professional
    If your plastic surgeon makes you feel uncomfortable, then head to the door. You may also consider it if his staff doesn’t give you good customer service. Many will have a support team who should make you feel comfortable and happy to be there.
    Make sure you know everything about the operating area. You can ask about where it happens, and ask about various certifications, as well as ask about the anesthesia methods he uses. And most importantly, find out if the entire staff of this practice seems happy to work there. If this is the case, and they treat you very courteously, then as long as the other options are checked, you may have definitely found the top Bay Area plastic surgeon for your surgery.
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