Is it safe to undergo weight loss surgery in Mexico

Is it safe to undergo weight loss surgery in Mexico

Travelling for medical care to a country other than your home residence has quickly become a popular choice for people because the costs associated with major surgeries are often cheaper outside of one’s country.

For example, one of the most popular destinations for safe weight loss surgery in 2018 for North Americans (USA and Canada), is currently Mexico. However, because of the way this country is portrayed in films and the news, it raises a few concerns, distrust, and may even trigger fear amongst those who want to travel here for any kind of medical care.

Contrary to popular belief, Mexico government has placed very strict regulations when it comes to health care, almost as strict as the rules and regulations placed in the United States. But it never really hurts to be mindful of where and how will you be treated.

In this post, we’ll discuss a few important pointers that you should consider in order to undergo 100% safe weight loss surgery in Mexico.

Choosing the right hospital for weight loss surgery

Your search for the perfect weight loss surgery in Mexico should start with the hospital. The ideal hospital should comply with international health standards and should have high-end equipment to deal with modern weight loss surgical procedures.  The perfect hospital should be an actual hospital and not a clinic or any other outpatient facility that offers a variety of surgical procedures.

Just to give you an idea, the hospital must have at least an intensive care unit, X-ray facility, modern laboratory, tomography, and a functional blood bank.

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Additionally, the hospital should also have a high-end operating room that is specifically made for weight loss surgeries. This room should have:

  • Surgical beds made especially for weight loss surgery patients
  • Laparoscopic HD cameras
  • Top Laparoscopic equipment
  • High-tech anesthesia machine which is capable for ventilatory management specifically for weight loss patients

Defining a qualified weight loss surgeon

Weight loss surgery has recently become so popular amongst people that there is now a big competition amongst weight loss surgeons in and outside of United States. So it should not come as a surprise that there are many surgeons out there who are unqualified for the job but still get enough patients to survive in the industry.

For getting safe weight loss surgery in Mexico, it is very important to know who your surgeon is going to be. It is not entirely impossible to tell a good surgeon apart from a bad one. A good surgeon does not need to portray himself as a ‘world-renowned surgeon’ because if he is good, his patients would have already put word out for him. And besides, if the surgeon is well known, why would they have to mention it on their website or outside their hospital?

Similarly, surgeons who are serious about their job are also very careful and mindful of their patients. You can tell if a surgeon is good by simply speaking to their customer support representative. If the attitude of the customer service representative is questionable, then imagine how you will be treated in the hospital.

Ideally, a surgeon must take out time to speak with you directly. If they don’t even have time to discuss the matters in detail with their patients, then they are most likely in for the money.

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Regardless of the hospital or surgeon, just remember that weight loss surgeries in Mexico aren’t as cheap as they are advertised. If someone is offering a safe weight loss surgery in Mexico at shockingly low prices, then you should know something is probably not right.

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