Can Antibiotics Cause UTIs? Here’s How to Tell What Caused Your Infection

Can Antibiotics Cause UTIs? Here’s How to Tell What Caused Your Infection

If you have a urinary tract infection, you’ll almost certainly have to get antibiotics from your doctor to treat it. Having one UTI isn’t bad, but when you get recurrent UTIs, you may be prescribed regular antibiotics to make sure that the infections don’t keep coming back. Taking too many antibiotics can make the bacteria resistant to the medication. But can these antibiotics cause UTIs? The answer is maybe.

UTIs Are Common

UTIs are one of the most common infections that make you go see a doctor. The bacteria responsible for about 90 percent of all UTIs is E.coli. This bacteria sticks to the cells in the bladder or urethra and causes inflammation, causing the symptoms associated with a UTI, pain when urinating, burning and discomfort. While many women and men continue to work when they have a UTI, it isn’t comfortable.

What Caused Your UTI?

There are a lot of reasons people get UTIs. Take the UTI quiz at Uqora to learn more about what caused your UTI. Risk factors for UTIs include:

  • Being pregnant or menopausal
  • Being female, because of the shorter urethra
  • Not emptying your bladder completely when urinating
  • Holding your urine in for a long time
  • Not going to the bathroom after sex
  • Wearing tight clothing

A UTI prevention drink works by flushing out UTI-causing bacteria and germs. Uqora is one line of defense to avoid antibiotics. It’s not an antibiotic, nor is it made with cranberries. It’s a natural product made with natural ingredients that increase your body’s ability to fight bacteria that live in the urinary tract that is causing UTIs.

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Antibiotics may be required to treat a UTI, but overusing antibiotics may make it harder to fight off the next UTI. Antibiotic use is also known to interfere with your body’s natural production of good bacteria.  Shop for UTI prevention products with Uqora to stay healthy and avoid antibiotics.

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