5 Pairs Of Plus Size Underwear That Are Comfortable

5 Pairs Of Plus Size Underwear That Are Comfortable

Choosing comfortable underwear is important because it can keep you fit and active. Plus size cotton underwear’s are airy so it helps to make your delicate skin breathe. Do not choose underwear’s that are too tight and can cause allergy or other skin problems. A right underwear style can keep you healthy.

Different lingerie styles can make you look sexy and amazing. Lingerie’s are available in so many designs and sizes today that you will be spoilt for choice. From sexy curves to plus size body, you can choose a style that fits you right.

Earlier there were not many options in plus size comfortable underwear’s. But, today you can get any design that is trending. Plus size underwear styles are perfect to boost your confidence and also keep you robust.

Listed below are 5 pairs of plus size underwear that are comfortable:

Thong style underwear

Thong style underwear is perfect for the body as it can keep you actively on top form. The underwear features wide stretch lace that provides a great fit. It also features lace at the waistband that provides complete comfort. It also features a cotton gusset panel.

There are many designs available in thong style underwears. Do add it to your collection as its stretchy fabric will give you great support. This super flattering panty style can also complement your casual style dresses.


Hotpants are super comfortable and sexy. Hotpants are airy so it helps to make your skin breathe. Made from infinity-patterned design, Hotpants are available in plus size. Hotpants feature lace design with cotton-lined gusset. It also features rear coverage that gives you a perfect fit. Hotpants style also features scalloped lace edge design to make it look amazing.

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There are different styles available in Hotpants, but the low-rider style is simply the best. Low-rider style can complement your body and give you perfect support and comfort. In plus size too, there are many options available in Hotpants.


Boyshorts feature lace waistband with super ultra soft fabric. Cotton boy shorts are great for your skin in summers as well. As Boyshorts have complete coverage from the backside, it provides total comfort. Boyshorts style features lace scalloping at the leg opening for complete support.

The best part about this underwear style is, it not only looks sexy but it also provides complete comfort. There is variation in plus size that is available in Boyshorts. The floral lace design makes it look ultra hot. It is a great style to add to your collection of plus size panties.

Extended G-string style

The G-string style looks super sexy in panties. Choose a seamless style as it’s most comforting for your skin. In fact, this is the most loved design in panty style. G-strings style is also available in plus size. Extended G-string style can make you look amazing. It will give you a very relaxed kind of feel.

It features a soft elastic waistband for complete support. It features scalloped edge floral design. It features low rider design, which perfectly complements plus size body shape.

Bikini style

Bikini style is a trending style in plus size panties. Bikini style can keep your body and skin in a good shape. The style is super comfortable and perfect for any occasion. The extended bikini style has a sexy lace at the waistband that provides full comfort. It also gives full coverage at the backside. It features cotton-lined gusset. Extended bikini style underwear is available in many plus size options, so you can choose the best option.

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