Relieve Stress and Anxiety by Creating Art

Relieve Stress and Anxiety by Creating Art

There are a lot of things you can do to relieve stress and anxiety — a very natural way to relax yourself and let all your negative emotions out in a safe way it through creating art. Many people believe that in order to create art, you need to be an artist. However, when it comes to art therapy, those things really don’t matter. In art therapy, your focus is not on creating fine art paintings or sculptures, but on the process of creating and releasing your emotions. If you know how to hold a brush or a pencil, that is enough to engage in therapeutic art activities. Creating art to reduce stress and anxiety is rather simple, and it’s not even a big investment. All you need is some brushes, colors, paper, a glue stick, scissors if you want to make a collage and so on. It takes this little to be rewarded emotionally, and spiritually for all your efforts.

Benefits of Making Art

Art exists since the beginning of humankind. In the past, people have used lines, colors, shapes, textures, and forms to express their personal visions and the meaning of life. Children often engage in drawing and painting as soon as thy gain fine motor skills. Through art, people have always expressed happiness sadness, trauma, fear, love, beauty and much more. When you are feeling anxious and stressed, telling the truth (to yourself or others) can really be transformative and healing. By creating art, you can heal both the body and the mind. Art will not only help you relax but also to rejuvenate and increase your energy and enthusiasm for life.

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Form of Meditation

Many studies have shown that creating art is very similar to mediation. It puts you “the zone”, and allows you to take your mind off of daily worries and stress. It will also help to lower your blood pressure, and heart rate, to stabilize your breathing and make you more mindful of the present moment.

Freedom to Explore

One of the most significant benefits of art is having the freedom to explore not only the world around you but also your inner world. By experimenting with new techniques, materials, and methods, you will stimulate your mind, get to know yourself better and enhance your problem solving and out-of-the-box thinking skills and abilities.

Express Your Feeling When Words Cannot

Sometimes, it is rather hard to express our thoughts ideas and emotions. However, art gives us an opportunity to express ourselves when feelings and thoughts are difficult to articulate. The best thing about non-verbal expression and communication is that other people will also understand you once they see your art.

Things You Can Do Now to Relieve Stress

If you don’t know where to start with art therapy, we have a few ideas that might help. We suggest experimenting with color, keeping an art journal, drawing a mandala or making a soul collage. You should do whatever feels right at the moment.

Playing and experimenting with color will give you something to focus on other than the worries and stresses of your daily life. When it comes to keeping a visual journal, we suggest to fill it with things that make you joyful and grateful in life. You can combine photographs, drawings, paintings, cut out images and everything else you want. Your only limit is your imagination. Lastly, if you prefer to paint or sketch, we suggest doing it daily or giving yourself the challenge to draw something from your surroundings every day. It can be a tee, your dog, a person or anything else that grasps your interest in at the moment.

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