5 Tips to Increase your Testosterone

5 Tips to Increase your Testosterone

As men, we have come to rely on our wits, strength and vitality to help us lead a happy and fulfilling life.

As we get older, opportunities to compete in sports or through other physical and mental means can become scarce, and age naturally takes its toll on our testosterone production. The older we get, the more these issues become prevalent. Your male peers don’t seem to be as interested in the active lifestyles they once were. Maybe you have climbed to the top of your career field (or even retired from it) and now you feel like you are sitting still, with nothing to compete for.

This is normal, but it can also begin to suck the life out of a once energetic, strong and successful man. For some men, these issues may be resolved with some lifestyle changes. For others, testosterone treatments, such as testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), may be required to right the ship in Tampa, FL.

Below, we’ve shared five tips for increasing your natural testosterone production.

  1. Increase testosterone through exercise and weight lifting

One of the best and easiest ways to begin boosting your natural testosterone production is exercise and weight lifting. These two concepts are often interchangeable, yes, but for the sake of argument, we will keep them separate in this tip.

Your exercise routine should include both aerobic and anaerobic workouts. Aerobic exercises are lower intensity, and shouldn’t leave you winded at any point during the workout. Anaerobic exercises are just the opposite: high intensity, and should leave you breathing heavily during and after. Aerobic exercises can be as simple as taking a walk or riding a bike daily in your spare time. Anaerobic exercises are for times when you are in the zone and focused on doing some real work, e.g. before or during your daily gym workout. Sprints, brisk jogging, or HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) are great examples.

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Finally, when these types of exercises are used in concert with a good weight lifting regimen, the results can really kickstart your testosterone engine.

2. Increase testosterone with proper diet

It goes without saying that if you eat unhealthy, then you will be unhealthy. However, a properly balanced diet is also important giving your endocrine system a boost in testosterone production. A properly balanced diet will contain lean meats, unsaturated fats and complex carbohydrates. Lean meats are meats that are lower in fat such as chicken, fish, or venison. Unsaturated fats typically come from plant foods, such as olive oil, avocados and nuts. Complex carbohydrates are a bit trickier but one rule of thumb is: if it looks and tastes like candy, then it is probably a simple carbohydrate. Raw sugar, brown sugar, corn syrup, glucose, fructose, sucrose, and even fruit juice concentrates should be avoided. While complex carbohydrates, such as: dairy, fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, and seeds will help your T-levels remain optimal. Some of the best direct testosterone boosting foods are: oysters, beef, pomegranate and spinach.

3. Increase testosterone by reducing your stress

This is usually a double-edged sword. When your testosterone levels spike downward it can cause a great deal of stress. Stress raises cortisol levels, which can make you gain weight, and lead to further stress. The odds are really stacked against you being able to simply turn your stress off like a light switch. Thankfully, the aforementioned tips (exercise and proper diet) will help to decrease stress levels. Be careful not to overdo your workouts, however. Studies have shown that too much exercising can lead to heightened cortisol production as well. Most people only need about 1-2 hours of mixed-intensity exercise daily to lose weight with proper diet. It should be noted, however, that this should not be considered an invitation to do high intensity workouts for hours on end. Be sure to keep your cortisol levels in check by taking a break, and engaging in some relaxing activities after your workout as well.

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4. Increase testosterone by getting some sun

Depending on where you live (and the season) this might seem like an impossibility. Sadly, something so readily available to some, may not be to others. Sometimes testosterone treatments may be needed because of something as fickle as the weather, but not in Tampa, FL. Here in the Sunshine State there’s plenty of sunshine to go around yearly. However, if you still aren’t getting sufficient sunlight, then you should be supplementing with vitamin D at the very least.

5. Choose a good testosterone clinic in Tampa, FL

If you feel like you are experiencing one or more of the symptoms of low testosterone, and nothing seems to be working, Tampa Testosterone can help! We offer a free consultation and professional care throughout the entirety of your treatment. We will provide you with a comprehensive blood test and discuss the symptoms you are having in a face-to-face visit with our expert physicians. Once approved, you can receive your testosterone treatment delivered discreetly right to your doorstep. This process is designed to establish what your symptoms and needs are, and what the optimal testosterone treatment plan for you will look like. We hold thoroughness and attention to detail above all, thus ensuring we get you the best results as quickly as possible. We will build and maintain rapport with you throughout the course of your therapy, so you won’t have to go it alone. You can trust Tampa Testosterone for your testosterone treatments in Tampa, FL. Don’t wait to take your life back, visit our website today at GetYourTUp.com to schedule your testosterone replacement therapy consultation!

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