The Best Apps For a 100% Healthy BBQ Weekend

The Best Apps For a 100% Healthy BBQ Weekend

Whether you are planning a get together at your home or simply love the taste of grilled food, having a BBQ is a great way to enjoy delicious food and have a great time altogether. The best thing about a BBQ is that you can make many grilled food recipes that are super easy to cook and are healthy at the same time! I’ve found it to be not only a great way to get out of the kitchen but also an activity that everybody loves to help with. So, instead of preparing for the weekend lunch party on your own, you can invite a large group of friends and the BBQ will have more than enough volunteers.

Although I’ve hosted a couple of barbeques before, I have stuck to the same recipe and ingredients every time. However, I finally decided to switch it up and find new BBQ recipes that are healthy and easy to cook. So, I did a little bit of research and ended up finding a pretty neat site called AppGrooves, that listed the top 10 apps for barbeque and grilling recipes.

Best 10 Apps for BBQ & Grilling Recipes by AppGrooves

I tried out some of the apps on their list and reviewed my top 3 favorites. Obviously, the apps will have regular BBQ recipes that aren’t considered to be healthy, but I found it to be really easy to find healthy grilling recipes as well.

StoryQue – Great for beginners!

My first pick is StoryQue. I found it to be a great choice if you are a beginner and want help getting your BBQ up and running. I also liked the range of recipes, with everything from grilled veggies and meats to sides, appetizers and more! I loved that every recipe is accompanied by detailed instructions that are easy to follow, and you can also find handy cooking tips too! There are tons of educational stories, that range anywhere from setting up fun family get-togethers, to successful fund-raising BBQs.

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Keep in mind that because StoryQue is a magazine, you’ll need a subscription to access the monthly issues. However, I found the handy grilling tips and detailed recipes to be more than worth the price. You can also enjoy a free 7-day trial to explore the content before you make up your mind!

2000+ BBQ & Grilling Recipes – Recipes for any dietary preference

My second pick is 2000+ BBQ & Grilling Recipes. What I really liked about it is that not only can you find thousands of recipes for your next BBQ party, but you can also find a recipe that will accommodate any guest. The best part is that you won’t break your fitness plan, as there are many healthy recipes to choose from. There is everything from grilled beef and grilled fruit to grilled seafood, grilled side dishes and more! You can also find some great recipes for homemade BBQ sauce and BBQ ribs!

The only drawback I found is that you do see a few ads here and there. However, they were non-intrusive and you can quickly close them with a tap. Not to mention that you can access the complete recipe library for free!

Grill-It! – Impress with the Best Food Presentation

My third pick is Grill-It! I found the interface to be really user-friendly which is great for finding BBQ recipes fast. I also liked that each recipe is accompanied by gorgeous photos, making it easier to pick the recipe you want to try. The photos are also very helpful when it comes to stepping up the game in food presentation. Another plus I found is that the recipes are neatly organized in categories, making it easy to find healthy BBQ recipes that fit your taste preferences.

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While going through some of the recipes, I did come across a few typos. With so many recipes, I can imagine a few spelling errors were bound to slip through. In any case, they were minuscule, making it easy to ignore them and continue following the recipe instructions.

Final Words

So, these are my top 3 apps for finding the best BBQ recipes that won’t break your diet! Instead of searching for “BBQ near me”, you can bring that delicious grill flavor to your home, by creating your own grilled dishes in your backyard. With any of these apps at your fingertips, I’m certain your next BBQ party will be a big success. Happy grilling!

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