Adapting your exercise routine to winter

Adapting your exercise routine to winter

Dreading the arrival of winter not just because of the cold, but the fact that you will soon fall out of shape due to your cessation of physical activity? It doesn’t have to be like this – in this post, we’ll show you how you can stay active even on the coldest of days.

1) Take it indoors

Yes, we know – cold air feels uncomfortable, even painful depending on the temperature. If this alone is enough to dissuade you from engaging in physical activity, it is imperative that you find ways to keep moving indoors.

This may mean finding a rec centre with an indoor track. It may mean moving your daily walk to a nearby shopping centre. It could mean that you’ll have to sign up for a gym membership where they have all the cardio equipment you’ll need to stay healthy.

All that matters is that you find a way to keep exercising during the chillier times of year. By finding ways to sweat in the comfortable environs of the indoors, it won’t matter what is happening in the outdoors.

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2) Embrace layers

However, it is best if you don’t abandon the outdoors. Yes, running in shorts and a t-shirt is a masochistic thing to do in the middle of January, so we don’t recommend it. Instead, start by donning a warm base layer, put a pair of track/jogging pants and sweatshirt over it, as well as protection for your head and hands.

As you heat up through your jog, remove layers as you become uncomfortable. The contrast between the heat your body is putting off and the cold air is actually a pleasant sensation, so don’t be afraid to do this.

If you get cold again as your run continues, simply put those layers back on, and you’ll be comfortable enough to finish your run.

3) Learn some new winter sports

The best way to stay physically active in winter is to embrace sports that can only be done in colder weather. Skating, skiing, and hockey are just three examples of sports that require below zero temperatures to be done outside.

By trying them out, you build new motor skills, find new ways to get the thrills you love, and make friends along the way. When was the last time you tried something new?

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