Switch Up Your Exercise Routine

Switch Up Your Exercise Routine

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It is easy to get bored of working out if you’re always doing the same thing. You might always be running the same route, doing the same lifting routine etc. After a while it gets so hard to stay motivated purely because of how boring repetition is. Boredom leads to quitting, quitting leads to all of your hard work being undone. Exercise is so good for you it would be a shame to throw it all to waste after hard work. So to try and keep you interested in your fitness, because we know it is especially hard in January, here’s how you can switch up your fitness routine.


Classes are one of the easiest ways of keeping your interest levels in fitness high. They’re fun, fast paced, and there’s just such a variety of them. Which one you go to all depends on what your end goal is. If you want to work out without feeling like you’re even working out, then have you considered pole fitness? It is a craze that is growing and growing. Feeling like you’re not working out is a bit of a fib, your arms will really hurt then next day, but it is so good for building upper body strength. People fall in love with the fitness class so much, they have their own pole installed at home. It’s not that hard to do, and there’s a different variety of poles out there for you to choose from. Just check out this x pole review.  If you want to lose weight, then something like a circuit class or HIIT is going to benefit you. They’re really hard work though, so be prepared to sweat. Other classes you could go to include body toning ones, which will often focus on all of the muscles in your body in one lesson. It is super hard, but you feel amazing after it. If you want to go all out and burn a million and one calories and nearly pass out, then a spin class is for you. As intense as they are, they are incredibly good for you. They’re not for the faint hearted though!

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Training Partner

A training partner just makes things all the more interesting. It is someone to talk to, someone to swap exercise ideas with, and someone to actually have a laugh with. It does make the whole process a lot more enjoyable and it can often get you through those times when you’re feeling so demotivated.

Treat Yourself

Sometimes we get so bored of working out because we’re just overworking ourselves. Some people say fitness can become an addiction, but sometimes it is just good to take a few days off, let your body recover, and treat yourself to a nice massage or a binge on a but of junk food. Whilst it is important to not lose focus on your end goal, it is even more important to not overwork your body. Even top athletes know how important rest and relaxation days are. If you won’t follow our advice, at least follow theirs,

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