6 Proven Ways to Fight Obesity

6 Proven Ways to Fight Obesity

You may have tried all kinds of diets and exercise routines but may still be struggling to lose weight and keep it off. Often, the solution for many health problems lies in adopting a more conscious lifestyle and practicing mindfulness when consuming food. By choosing to follow a fad diet or popping weight-loss pills, you may end up damaging your body systems; on the other hand, by consciously changing the way you live and eat, you can start a practical and sustainable weight-loss cycle.

Here are 6 science-backed ways to lose weight without losing your sleep.

Increase your protein intake

If you’re struggling to eat less food, the feeling can be frustrating and make you lose sight of your weight-loss goal. The problem is that obese and overweight individuals often receive incorrect advice regarding food composition and dieting, leading them to gain more weight in the process.

According to research, increasing the amount of protein in your meals is an easy and natural way to support your weight-loss plan. When you eat a protein-rich diet, it makes you feel full sooner, which makes you want to eat less and feel satiated for several hours. Additionally, having a high-protein diet boosts your body’s metabolism, that is, its ability to digest food and convert it into energy.

It has been seen that people who take a protein-heavy diet consume fewer calories every day, which adds up to thousands of fewer calories in a month.

Replace processed weight-loss products with whole foods

Many packaged weight-loss products you buy from the supermarket have been processed with some form of additives to increase their shelf life or to make them palatable. It may be hard at first, but by replacing processed food items with natural, whole foods, you can significantly cut down your intake of hidden sugar that you didn’t even think you were consuming.

Stock your kitchen and refrigerator with healthy snacks and keep them where you can see and reach them easily. For instance, replace Greek yoghurt with plain yoghurt, salted nuts with plain nuts and dried fruits, and canned food with fresh fruits and vegetables.

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This small yet significant change in your lifestyle will go a long way in making you healthier and happier.

Take the hard work out of drinking water

Every wants to drink lots of water every day, but few are able to do it. This is mainly because we take drinking water as a chore we must complete and tick off our list rather than an activity that gives us joy.

Water has no taste indeed, and it can be hard to keep gulping it down day in and day out. A simple way to increase your water intake is to make it taste better. Add a few drops of lemon juice, a slice of apple, some mint leaves, a piece of clove or cardamom, or anything that would infuse your drinking water with a mild taste you’d enjoy. This simple trick will increase your daily water intake, keep your mouth refreshed and also help you lose weight.

Use smaller plates to reduce your portion size

Using smaller plates for meals and smaller mugs for tea and coffee can dramatically reduce your food intake and as a result your overall calorie consumption in a day. As most people’s tendency is to take a full plate of food, a smaller plate means you would serve yourself less food with each serving, and even if you take a second serving, it still would not amount to the quantity of food you would have consumed with a larger plate.

The same applies to beverages. Even if your coffee is free of sugar, it contains copious amounts of caffeine, and limiting your caffeine intake is important to support a healthy lifestyle. So try switching to smaller utensils one step at a time and you may just find yourself eating less food than you thought you needed.

Start making smaller weight-loss goals

Losing weight is as much about psychological conditioning as it is about making tangible changes in the way you live. You may not realize it, but keeping big weight-loss goals may be stressing you out and causing you to lose motivation. So scrap that seemingly unachievable target and instead focus on the now. Look no further than the present week and then set yourself a small, achievable weight-loss goal.

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According to experts, this simple strategy takes the stress out of weight loss and makes people more willing and enthused about the whole process. When you know that you only need to lose a couple of pounds this week, you can focus all your energy on this little goal and make sure that it works.

However, do note that the smaller goals are a part of your big plan to lead a healthier and happier life, so it’s important to strictly follow your diet and exercise plan every single day.

Learn more about weight-loss surgery

If all else has failed, you may want to explore surgery to help you kickstart your weight-loss journey. Also known as bariatric surgery, it involves making the stomach smaller to reduce its volume so that one would feel full sooner while eating and as a result eat less with every meal. The size of the stomach can be reduced through various different techniques, such as the most well-known gastric bypass surgery, vertical sleeve gastrectomy, gastric imbrication, and a relatively new breakthrough procedure known as laparoscopic banding.

Read up and learn more about bariatrics surgery to know what each technique entails, and then consult a specialist who will help you determine if it is the right solution for you.

If you’re eager to find a bariatric surgery center in Oregon, look for a center known for its excellent record in advanced weight-loss surgeries performed by experienced surgeons you can trust. Don’t fall for tall claims by substandard weight loss surgery centers and instead opt for one where doctors have the resources and the expertise to perform this complex procedure.

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