3 Main Body Types: How Does Your Shape Affect the Weight Loss Strategy You Should be Pursuing?

3 Main Body Types: How Does Your Shape Affect the Weight Loss Strategy You Should be Pursuing?

Many people are unaware that there are actually three different main body types for the majority of humans. These body types all have some differences and these differences can affect which strategies will work best for weight loss. This is why some methods work well for certain people, and not at all for others. Knowing the right approach to use is a vital part of the battle.

There are also a variety of training methods that work better for different body types, yet there’s not of information on the weight loss aspect of body types. Today we’re taking a look at the three types (ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph) and explaining the best strategies.


The ectomorph build is generally a very long, thin build. This body type has longer limbs and a generally lean, tall appearance, including a flatter chest and narrower hips & shoulders. Narrow joints such as wrists/ankles are also common. For this body type the issue is often staying healthy and trying to create a desired body shape. Heavy weights can help to create muscle mass and shape the body as desired, though weight loss itself isn’t really an issue do to speedy metabolisms.

Remember being thin doesn’t always equal being healthy, so still pay attention to diet. Eating plenty of carbs and protein to fuel any muscle development is vital, and don’t overeat on junk just because your weight stays low. With that said you may well need a high-calorie diet with the aforementioned carbs/protein if you want to see improvements, as many ectomorphs struggle to add weight to their frames.

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The mesomorph is a mid-range build between the other two extremes. Mesomorphs tend to be wider at the neck & shoulders than ecto’s, yet with thinner waists and joints than endo’s. They also have longer muscle bellies than an endomorph, while having wider muscle bellies than an ectomorph.

Body shaping and weight loss for a mesomorph is a matter of balance. This body type can use muscle mass to create a desired shape, while also benefiting from lower weight toning work to create more definition. Aerobic work has more benefit than it would for an ectomorph while diets need to be balanced between eating enough to fuel and not overeating.


The endomorph is a build with shorter limbs and a wider ribcage, shoulders and hips. This build often features wide muscle bellies which are shorter than average, and joints that appear thicker than normal with little natural definition.

This build is great for anybody looking to increase strength/mass though it’s also vulnerable to fat gains because of a slower metabolism. The use of thermogenic fat burners is one way to help shift excess fat, whilst a lot of calorie burn via aerobic and high intensity exercises also aids the speed of weight loss. A diet high in protein and vegetables with less carbs and fat are also preferred, as is overall control of the amount being eaten.

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