Why You’re Not Motivated To Juice (And How to Change That!)

Why You’re Not Motivated To Juice (And How to Change That!)

Juicing is a fantastic way to regain control of your health and to begin getting in more vitamins and minerals on a daily basis. But, even though most people like the idea of getting healthier, very few actually find themselves willing to commit to the process of juicing.

You’re Not Motivated Because It Takes Time

One thing about eating healthier is that it takes a good deal of your time to go shopping, plan out your menu, and then come home and make those meals. But, two secret weapons will help you overcome the time consuming aspect of a healthy lifestyle: meal prep and juicing! Together, they can save you substantial amounts of time and restore the “grab and go” convenience to your way of life.

You’re Not Motivated Because It’s Expensive

This is actually one of the widely spread myths that discourages people from eating healthier. Although, dollar for dollar, your shopping cart may look fuller when you pack it to the brim with all the sugary cereals and frozen foods that are on sale at the store, you are ultimately going to be eating empty calories.

Junk food never properly fills you up and it leaves your body craving much-needed vitamins and minerals that simply can only be found in fresh, healthy foods. That’s why you’re always going to feel more full and more energetic when eating clean.

In reality, eating healthy foods doesn’t have to be expensive, you just need to shop for what’s in season, plan out what you’re going to need for the week’s meals, and then buy only what you’re going to eat. Unlike junk food, vegetables don’t have a multi-year shelf life…and isn’t that sort of comforting?

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You’re Not Motivated Because Things Go Bad

As we sort of just touched on, you only need to buy ingredients that you’ll be using in the next one or two weeks. This helps you stop produce and fresh foods from going back or expiring before you have the chance to juice or cook them. There are also lots of tricks you can try out to help keep fresh fruits and veggies fresh for longer.

Other than the basic pantry staples, you should be replenishing your fridge and cupboards on a weekly basis or so, but only buying what you need for the week ahead. This means you’ll always have the freshest items in your house and that you aren’t over buying as you’re likely doing right now with junk foods since they have such a long shelf life.

You’re Not Motivated Because You’ve Forgotten The Goal

Finally, when you lose sight of your motivation for becoming a healthier individual, just remember why you wanted to get healthier in the first place. Is it for you? Your family? Your future? As you look back, and ahead, and remember all the reasons why you need to devote more time to being a healthier person, take the first step.

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