Fitness: Splurge Or Budget?

Fitness: Splurge Or Budget?

It’s a hobby that many indulge in but getting fit can be a pretty pricey endeavour. We all want to do it: to feel as fit and healthy as possible wherever we happen to be in life, but not many of us actually want to fork out our cash and make that transaction. The thing is, fitness isn’t just an industry, it’s an investment in yourself. When you want to eat well, you start buying vegetables and lean meats. When you want to look good, you start figuring out the brands that would suit your sense of style and your body shape. So, when it comes to getting fit, why wouldn’t you spend a little money and invest in yourself?

The good news about fitness is that while you can invest in yourself, you don’t have to go broke to do it. Some people like to pay for a personal trainer to help them on their way to healthy. Some people will pay for a gym membership and perhaps not use it. The key is to find the right equipment for your fitness goals. There are places you should shell out your cash, and then there are others you shouldn’t spend too much on because there’s no need. The best bit is, we’ve got all the information for you below:

Fitness: Splurge Or Budget?

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Spend On…

Shoes. Working out can’t be done in simple sneakers you buy from a low-budget store. Your feet are the most important thing about your body when it comes to workouts. If you’ve ever worn cheap sneakers – and most of us have or do – you’ll know that they’re great for knocking around in when shopping for groceries, but when it comes to running it’s not ideal. The proper shoes for your workout activity isn’t just for comfort; it’s for safety. You can do some serious damage to your feet, ankles and spine if you’re not careful about the measurements of your feet. Sometimes, it’s good to pay out enough to get measured and go with a name brand.

Sports Bras. Okay, ladies, no one likes to get measured correctly for a bra, but the last thing your workout needs is a side helping of black eyes and sore boobs. Splashing out on a sports bra that is going to fit you the exact way that it should is an investment of proper support for your back and your chest. If there’s one place you should aim to spend, it’s on sports bras. Make sure that you try on a variety of styles to find the one that will be right for you.

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Gym Membership. There are gyms to suit every budget out there, but the important thing is to find the gym that suits your needs. Some people prefer a gym that has a sauna facility, while others only care about the treadmills and weights in the main workout rooms. Don’t forget that it’s not just the equipment that you are paying to use. It’s the cleanliness of the facility, the staff, the changing rooms: it all comes under the same package. A budget gym is often budget in these areas, too, so make sure that you shop around.

Fitness Technology. You can buy a pedometer to track your steps for a few dollars but investing in fitness technology can be the best place that you spend your money. Wristbands like this one not only track your steps, they calculate your calorie burn and your heart rate and can even monitor your sleeping patterns to figure out whether you are resting enough at night. You can choose to go cheap, but you won’t get as many great features.

Detox. Whether you need to get on a low carbohydrate diet or ween off the alcohol, cleansing your body of impurities may help you with your fitness lifestyle; and Alcohol Detox Orange County may be able to help get you started on the right track.

Budget On…

Weights. You can buy a set of weights relatively cheaply without going to the name brands. There isn’t much of a difference between dumbbells; as long as the weight is the same, you can lift them the very same way. Some can look cool, sure, but budget often trumps looks.

Smoking and chewing tobacco can be detrimental to your health and even worse on your fitness progress. Budget and work on a way to remove it from your lifestyle.

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Yoga Mat. It can be tempting to really splash out on yoga mats, but it’s not something that you really need to spend on. As long as the mat is the right size and comfortable, it’ll last. Just make sure that it’s a non-slip mat, and you can workout as much as you like at home.

Fitness Accessories. Working out with Pilates bands, medicine balls, and yoga blocks seems relatively important. It isn’t. You can find what you need around the house if you look hard enough and buying all the accessories can really add to your workout equipment budget. Once you find the accessories that you need and like, you can invest better, later on, making it worth your while to put your money where your mouth is.

Workout Wear. The market is huge for activewear right now. You can go two ways here; you can buy the big names on sale and wait for the price to come right down, or you can go to the regular clothing stores and stock up there. Quality will differ, and you may need to replace items earlier the cheaper you go, but it’s usually pricey to buy clothes that are branded up front. Take the time to research the activewear that is right for you first, then spend your cash.

Fitness: Splurge Or Budget?

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Money is tight for most people, but that doesn’t mean that they want to compromise on their fitness goals and efforts. Taking the time to get to know what it is that you want to do to get fit is going to help you decide where to lay down your cash. Once you start your workout routines, you can find out exactly how to invest in yourself. Don’t let your budget hold you back, either. Just get creative with the things that you want and learn where you can best spend your cash on your workouts. No one said getting fit was easy, but it doesn’t have to be expensive, as long as you shop around correctly!

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