King’s Pipe: Where Quality & Style Meet

King’s Pipe: Where Quality & Style Meet

The pipe industry has been revived in recent years following an uprising of smokers and collectors alike. If you are in the market for a new pipe, though, you’re probably spending more time researching your options than you ever thought you would.

At first glance, it may seem like choosing a pipe would be as easy as pointing to one behind the counter, but when you begin considering not just the functionality and quality but also the style and craftsmanship, suddenly the process becomes a bit more involved–and a lot more fun! Would a cheap, plain glass pipe get the job done? It probably would, but for most pipe lovers, there are much better choices out there.

Hand Pipes & Glass Pipes

In search of a new pipe? Look no further than the collection offered by King’s Pipe. From elaborate designs to simply stunning craftsmanship, these pipes are completely functional yet perfectly suitable to put on display when not in use. They’re the kind of pipes that will cause your friends to enviously ask where you got them, and they’re also sure to elicit the assumption that you paid a lot more than you truly did for the pipe you bought.

This all sprouts from King’s Pipe high standards of quality. It begins with choosing the best materials for the pipe’s construction, but that’s only one part of a multi-step process. Next, the team behind King’s Pipe test new products again and again, seeking out the best in design and build quality. Take, for example, their classy and clean looking Twisty Glass Blunt:

Sold in two different sizes for just around $45, this glass pipe is touted as being super easy to clean and very portable for travel. “Hand crafted with Premium-Quality German Schott Glass, its parts include a thick glass blunt and a titanium nitride screw that does an awesome job in taking in all of your grinded tobacco or dry herbs. This Twisty Glass Blunt has a multi-function feature where you can use it as an attachment bowl to your favorite bong!”

This is just one great example of the innovative and quality designs behind each one of King’s Pipe products. Like many of their pipes, this one comes with a carrying case to ensure you can transport and store it with ease. If it’s not your style and you are looking for something a bit more wild and crazy, King’s Pipe has plenty to offer in that realm as well.

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The 5” Glow-In-The-Dark Cyclops Hand Pipe is one such example that will make you the life of the party. “This Cyclops themed spoon pipe is made out of thick glass and black tubing. This marvelous piece has a deep push bowl that will secure your favorite strain of dry herb & tobacco, and a nifty carb hole on the side. An amazing work of art that will definitely stand out in your glass collection!”

King’s Pipe: Where Quality & Style Meet eye

From fruity to branded to cartoon themed, King’s Pipe has hundreds of other designs to offer too, some being extremely elaborate and others being a bit more simple. The 5.5” Sprinkles Ice Cream pipe is an in-between example that proves King’s Pipe commitment to quality and durability. This glass pipe is made of highly break resistant glass formed into a lifelike ice cream cone that will surely make you want to give it a taste.

King’s Pipe: Where Quality & Style Meet ice cream cone

If you want to see all of their glass pipe designs being offered, check out the complete collection here.


In addition to their full line of glass pipes, King’s Pipe also sells hundreds of bongs, dab rigs, bubblers, and water pipes in a variety of stunning designs. From water pipes that bring out beauty through glass work, like the 8” Soft Glass Water Pipe featured below, to fun and party-ready designs, they’ve basically thought of everything.

King’s Pipe: Where Quality & Style Meet bong

“This sexy little 8″ Soft Glass Water Pipe may be compact in size but proves to be quite beefy weighing in at a surprising 1.5 lbs. This beautiful beaker shaped, soft glass bong is crafted with a unique iridescent design, as well as a glass swirl that’ll fit your fingers perfectly, preventing this cool little guy from slipping out of your hands by accident. Built with a 14mm Female joint, Male bowl, and diffused downstem, this glorious colored soft glass water pipe bong can definitely double as a display piece on your nightstand or coffee table when it’s not in use.”

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If you’re looking for one of those more elaborate designs teased to earlier, the Bee Hive Mini Dab Rig from Empire Glassworks is most certainly one of the best examples:

King’s Pipe: Where Quality & Style Meet fancy bong

“Ever heard about the buzz around this beehive? Meet the Empire Glassworks – Bee Hive Mini Dab Rig. Standing at 5.5″ tall, this beehive-themed mini oil rig doesn’t only come with bees and honey, it also comes with a 14mm Female Joint plus a 14mm Male Banger Nail. Made with Premium-Quality Borosilicate Glass, this mini dab rig is proven to be durable and long-lasting giving you less worries and more smoking sessions. Get your smoke diffused with its 3 Hole Inline Percolator that works efficiently in bringing out mind-blowing rips. Pleasing to the eyes as it is with its honey pot mouthpiece and not to mention its bee hive design that has honey oozing down this mini dab rig. Buzzing for more?”

If you’re in the market for a beaker bong, have a look at the Skinny Charcoal Beaker created by Bogart Glass. Sitting at 10” in height, this beaker is hand blown with the utmost care to detail and quality. Thick glass and a wide base make it excellent for display and even more ideal for regular use.

King’s Pipe: Where Quality & Style Meet bong

If you want to check out all the bong designs King’s Pipe offers, click here to see the complete collection.

And, of course, if you aren’t sure what kind of bong you should get (beaker, carb, straight tube, and so on), the friendly staff at King’s Pipe will be happy to point you in the right direction. The handy info section of the site can also get you the answers you’re looking for quickly, which is just another way they show their commitment to customer satisfaction and service.

Start Shopping

If these designs prove anything, it’s that King’s Pipe is incredibly effective at putting together stunning collections of highly durable pipes and bongs that are also pleasing to the eye and fun to use. Whether you’re looking for your first or trying to add to your alreay growing collection, the customer care and quality of product at King’s Pipe simply can’t be beat.

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