Are plasma lighters the ultimate way of getting fire

Are plasma lighters the ultimate way of getting fire

Have you heard about plasma lighters lately? They are the next big thing regarding traditional smoking. The plasma lighter uses modern technology to ignite surfaces pretty fast. Don’t know what are we talking about? Stick around and find out!

What is plasma?

-Plasma is a state of matter in which a gas’s ions conduct electricity.

-The gases in the air can be ionized using electricity.

-To make plasma, they simply put two electrodes next to each other and shoot electricity between them; the air between them then turns to plasma.

-We can see plasma.  It is the bluish/purple ray we see when we switch our plasma lighters on.

So, are these high-tech plasma devices cheap?

Yes, in fact, as impressive as it looks, it is not that hard to make plasma. Have a look at the collections at, and they have impressive reliability, you will surely love the colors, and they can produce up to 100 flames on a one-hour charge. That’s a lot!

Can a plasma lighter work outdoors?

Yes, you don’t need to have special conditions to light a plasma lighter. The only thing that you would need is not to be submerged under water or anything crazy like that.

Are plasma lighters resistant to the wind?

Mostly yes. A plasma lighter would work under very windy conditions. They are very easy to ignite, and the plasma doesn’t shut down when it’s windy. Just look up on YouTube, there is a video of one guy switching its fan on just next to the plasma lighter; you can see clearly that the lighter can still switch on. In an outdoors windy situation, you would have to protect the surface you want to ignite, but you can completely forget about protecting the lighter with your hand. Unlike traditional lighters, the flame would not extinguish.

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And what about water?

We already mentioned that plasma lighters couldn’t light underwater. This would also be dangerous because water conducts electricity. But, why would you need to light a flame underwater anyway?

What plasma lighters can do in contrast to traditional lighters is very impressive.

They can switch on when cascaded with water.

You see, traditional lighters can have this piece of cloth inside of them, and it is often damped with fuel. When this piece is wet, it won’t light.

A plasma lighter can still light after water being cascaded on them. You would have to wait some time so that the electrodes are dry to perform correctly, but it would still work. You can try cascading a plasma lighter and then switch it on. Have fun!

Are conventional fuel lighters better during an emergency?

Not necessarily. This can depend on the emergency. For this, the most recommended type of lighters is those with a significant area of ignition. Several types of fuel lighters can do this, but under certain circumstances, plasma lighters are better.

Take for example low temperatures and high altitudes. Fuel lighters lose heat to the air that surrounds them. The flames can be up to 77 degrees Fahrenheit (on high-performance propane lighters and such). Plasma lighters beat them in this aspect. The plasma on these lighters can reach up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

It would be hard to ignite anything in such harsh conditions, but if you can still protect the surface you want to light, your plasma lighter won’t fail you!

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So, are plasma lighters a better alternative now?

The short answer is yes. A plasma lighter can work under tough circumstances, and they are a very smart investment.

Plasma lighters can last you a lot more and light so much more “flames,” than traditional fuel lighters. You would have to buy several fuel lighters to compete with all the flames a plasma lighter can make.

Considering that plasma lighters are so convenient, you may end up buying two to use one while the other is charging, which won’t be too much. Most plasma lighters need one hour to charge, the larger ones just two.

What are you waiting for? Buy a plasma lighter now and enjoy the innovation!

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