Who Uses Green Powders As Part Of Their Diet?

Who Uses Green Powders As Part Of Their Diet?

Green powders are the latest wave of cutting-edge supplements, providing people with an efficient way to get all of the great health benefits of a vegetable-rich diet as conveniently as possible.

While certain other supplements might seem to have a fairly niche target audience, green powders offer a broader appeal.

So who uses green powders as part of their diet and what are the advantages of investing in this type of supplement?

Who Uses Green Powders As Part Of Their Diet?

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The Perks of Green Powders

The best products available in this emerging market, like the supergreen powder from Lean Greens, are made with entirely natural ingredients.

You can get vitamin A and protein from wheatgrass, iron and antioxidants from spinach, potassium and vitamin C from carrots, vitamin B6 from blueberries and much more besides.

Basically, a green powder provides you with all the same healthy substances as you would find inside a pile of fruit and veg, but with none of the pain involved in having to prep and cook an entire meal.

It might sound like powdered supplements are a bit of a mish-mash, and in the past there were definitely issues in terms of taste and texture. Luckily the inclusion of maltodextrin, a starch derived from root vegetables, makes modern drinks smooth and eminently palatable.

How to Use Green Powders

As the name suggests, this type of supplement is designed to augment your daily intake of vegetables, not necessarily to supplant them altogether.

That doesn’t mean a green powder is completely unsuitable as a meal replacement; plenty of people take this step if they are adjusting their diet to reduce their intake of calories.

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Like most supplements, green powders should be taken daily, as this kind of consistency will ensure that their full potential is realised. In addition to this, it is sensible to stick to government guidelines for fruit and veg consumption, as up to 10 portions a day can keep chronic diseases at bay.

Glugging down a green powder-infused glass of water first thing in the morning, or mixing yourself up a batch and taking it with you in a re-usable plastic bottle, will let you establish a habit of using this supplement that you won’t want to break.

If you decide that taking a second serving later in the day is worthwhile because you’re seeing real benefits, then there’s no reason to hold back. As long as you use this type of supplement in moderation, it can become a more regular part of your routine.

Who Should Harness Green Powders?

The key thing to remember about green powders is that they aren’t just for fitness enthusiast or the health-obsessed. They’re designed to provide positive effects for people of all ages, no matter their current fitness level.

Another factor to consider is that they aren’t simply intended to help you load up on vitamins and minerals, but can also provide perks in other areas. For example, the range from Lean Greens features a blend of digestive enzymes that can be useful for anyone who is looking to enhance their gut flora, ease the impact of bloating and generally more towards feeling better day by day.

Of course if you are someone who enjoys following a stricter dietary regimen, then green powders will be the perfect addition to your existing schedule.

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As with any supplement, it’s important to do your research and establish whether or not green powders are the right choice for you. Consult a healthcare professional if you have any concerns about making changes to your eating habits and always remember that products like this should form part of a balanced diet.

Who Uses Green Powders As Part Of Their Diet?

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