3 Key Benefits of Exercising with a Dog

3 Key Benefits of Exercising with a Dog

Staying active isn’t the only reason to have a pet—but it’s a great one! Statistically, dog owners live longer and are happier.

Of course, adopting a pup is a huge responsibility. Not ready to take the plunge? Become a dog-sitter via Rover.com, or sign up to be a dog walker in your free time.

Here’s how you’ll benefit by incorporating a pup into your exercise routine:

#1: Joy

They say that exercising is good for your mood—but often, we’re not actually able to savor the experience, and we miss out on the best moments. While you’re pounding the pavement, you might be mentally making a grocery list or worrying about something you said.

Dogs are truly present wherever they are, whatever they’re doing. With no memories of the past or plans to make for the future, they have a lot to teach us about opening up to the wonder of life.

With a dog at your side, you can let go of stress and anxiety. Listen to the sounds of nature. Experience the world the way they do: authentically, fully, and with no regrets. That’s the birthplace of true joy, which has nothing to do with your circumstances and everything to do with the way you see the world.

#2: Commitment

Ever started a new exercise routine, and given up within a week? It’s easier to stay on track when someone’s counting on you—not just any exercise buddy, but someone who needs you.

Your dog will remind you when it’s time to go out. Their energy and excitement for the outing will undoubtedly give you an extra dose of motivation. What’s more, knowing that you’re going to have fun together will give you something to look forward to daily.

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#3: Resilience

We didn’t evolve to sit for 90% of our waking hours, and then do something targeted and specific called “exercise” for a tiny sliver of the day. Humans are adaptable, but we tend to use only a fraction of our capacity for strength and flexibility. Getting creative in our playtime and workouts with pups can transform our minds and bodies.

Staying active with your dog makes natural movement a part of your everyday life. Whether you’re going on a long hike over variable terrain, or playing a game of tug-o-war, there are so many options beyond repetitive motions.

Beyond that, walking has enormous health benefits. The more purposeful movement we engage in, the better our health outcomes and overall resilience to stress factors. The same is true for our dogs, however this can sometimes lead to them becoming boisterous and over-playful when out walking. The best retractable dog leashes mean you can let your dog enjoy themselves while still keeping them under control.

Once you start bringing a pooch into your daily routine, you’ll see how you’ve been missing out! The benefits are endless. When you’re exercising with a pup, you’ll get back far more than you put in.

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Written by Nat Smith, Rover.com community member. Rover is the nation’s largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers.

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