The easiest team sports to start as an adult

The easiest team sports to start as an adult bowling

Sometimes there’s a desire to lead a healthier lifestyle, but all you need is a little push. Team sports are a great way to do this, but it’s best to start with something simple as to not feel disheartened when you don’t quite get the knack. Here are some of the easiest to get to grips with.


There’s a huge competitive element to bowling, and it’s an easy sport if you want to start a commitment to a team. In this way, it can help to improve your social life and reduce depression and anxiety. Alongside that, bowling helps to promote strength and overall muscle toning and its one of the few sports you can start at any age and still learn how to become a pro.


Over 1 million people in the UK regularly play badminton, proving that it’s a sport that can be picked up easily. As we age, we become more at risk to problems with our hearts but playing badminton regularly can help to strengthen the heart muscles and limit the risk of blood vessels clotting. All you need to do is round up some friends and hire a court, or join a local team.


Volleyball requires you to work well in a team and studies have found that those who do well in team sports can develop better leadership and cooperation skills. Of course, one of the primary benefits of playing is that it can help you to burn calories and tone your body. The rules are simple and very little equipment is required.

Boot Camps

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The term boot camp might conjure up a scary image of a military fitness regimen, and while that’s partly true, the majority are taken by professional instructors who will support you the whole way. Prestige boot camps are one of the most popular fitness classes for groups because they are incredibly time-efficient, promote socialisation, and proven to improve your health.


Much like volleyball, netball is a team sport that can improve your hand-eye coordination and flexibility while burning calories thanks to the amount of running and switching direction you need to do. Unlike a sport like basketball, no player in a netball team is able to work independently as many positions are restricted to less than half of the pitch.

The easiest team sports to start as an adult tennis


Do two people make a team? When it comes to doubles tennis then yes. This sport will test your endurance, improve coordination, support your bone health and even boost brain power. It’s a low impact game that can be taken up at any stage of your life, and a good way to get out and socialise.


Running might not be for you, but taking it cross-country with a group of friends will give you the motivation you might have been missing. In terms of calories burned per minute, running is the second most effective after cross-country skiing – something you might even want to consider once you’ve kick-started your healthy lifestyle.

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