How to mend broken relationships caused by meth and violence

How to mend broken relationships caused by meth and violence

Users of this drug start abusing for reasons such as to get more energy to multitask. Meth is a recreational drug that makes you active to do so much within a limited time. A few times of snorting this drug makes you believe that you have everything under control. Some people think that meth addicts being violent is a stereotype. What they don’t understand is that once meth withdrawal symptoms start kicking in, paranoia can make you aggressive and violent.

Various phases of using meth come with different symptoms that include agitation and anxiety. Once you realize that the substance has taken full control of your body and you cannot do without it, it makes you turn violent to those around you. A survey carried out showed that 56% meth users result in violence.

What does meth do to your brain?

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Smoking ice exposes its chemicals to your blood which finally reaches your brain. Your brain contains the limbic system which is responsible for your emotions. The drug changes the normal functioning of the limbic system and causes feelings of anger and fear.

When you take meth excessively, you are likely to develop pharmacological effects. This impairs your frontal lobe that affects your social cognitive functioning. You, therefore, end up losing self- control making you work on your aggressive impulses.

What triggers violence with meth abuse?

Meth withdrawal

Many users take meth as a party drug where they spend hours smoking with their friends. They end up mixing meth with other drugs that cause worse withdrawal symptoms. Users develop paranoia and feelings of anger when the drug begins to wear off. The binge stage comes with symptoms such as psychosis and depression when they go for days without feeling sleepy. Intense emotion caused by alteration of the brain’s chemistry makes people act aggressively throwing tantrums on others.

Obtaining meth

Though more available than other illicit drugs, meth is expensive. People go to extreme lengths just to buy the drug. Most of them may become violent when they don’t have enough money to buy the substance.

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Violent activities involving meth

Drug trafficking
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56% of meth users are also included in drug trafficking. Unlike other illicit drugs that are manufactured by experts, ice is often produced easily by individuals even in their cars. Trafficking this drug to other users is a business that people rely on to make an income other than consuming it. In trafficking meth, legal authority is a hindrance to some users forcing them to turn violent to escape from being imprisoned.

Criminal behaviors

95% of armed robberies in Australia are tied to meth users. Most meth users own weapons that they use to defend themselves. Some people use guns as a way of gaining power over others. One report in 2012 showed that meth traffickers exploded grenades to order release of their Mexican leader under police custody.

Sexual assault

Increased arousal and strong libido leads to sexual assault as meth users are not keen on consent. Overconfidence leads to many sexual partners and unprotected sex. Lack of protection causes many meth users to acquire HIV. This is also attributed to sharing needles while injecting the drug into the blood system.

Abusing children

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Most children born to families of meth users are often neglected since their parents spend more time with other party poopers. Such children may become victims of violence from parents who cannot control their emotions. A study shows that some children raised up in such families grow up to become meth addicts who help their parent smuggle the drug.


The effects of meth surpass those of drugs such as heroin and cocaine. This is because meth addiction makes one have irrational behaviors that may lead to murder. This is what leads to cases such as a mother killing her child and throwing them into a pit. Love relationships end up as homicide cases because they translate love as hate. People continue reporting cases regarding inhumane killings associated with meth.

Remedy for meth and violence


Most violent meth users do not admit that they have a problem. Accepting and seeking help is the first step to treating meth addiction that leads to violence. The family too should stop coming to the rescue of meth users every time they get into trouble. They should let them learn from their mistakes because they are the primary victims of violence at home.

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Inpatient rehabilitation which involves confining meth addicts in rehab would help them deal with the addiction as they receive constant care of people who understand their symptoms so that they can beat it. Mild symptoms require outpatient rehabilitation where a meth user comes in daily or weekly to get advice and help from their doctor.

Meth detox

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Proper guidance will help you detoxify as a stage to helping you with your addiction problem. Sedative medications can help you deal with your symptoms in a less painful manner that does not involve you redirecting your anger on anyone close to you. Anti-depressants such as wellbutrin will help you minimize crystal meth cravings so that you can concentrate on detoxification. Get close supervision from your doctor as you detox safely to avoid cases of a relapse since this is a delicate stage.


Violence caused by the drug is a problem related to lack of interpersonal communication. One does not know how to express themselves when they start getting dependent on the drug. Feelings that everybody is against you may surface and not knowing how to address them make you violent. Taking counseling sessions helps you understand the cause of your anger so that you can get better ways to manage your emotions.

Final thoughts

The scenarios and violence activities discussed above is proof that meth abuse correlates with violence. Those who think that it is a stereotype are wrong because if that were true, there would not be any homicide cases reported as a result of meth use. Hope this informs you on how bad that one puff of meth can destroy your relationship with others and turn you into criminal activities. Make peace with yourself by staying clean and work towards mending broken relationships with your family and the society at large.

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