What Are The 7 Things Not To Do After Cervical Cerclage?

cervical cerclage

If you are browsing your search engine for things not to do after cervical cerclage, one may assume that it’s been only a day or two since you have had your cervix sewn. Clearly, you are having a difficult pregnancy, and either your cervix has shortened, or it is on the verge of opening. Whichever the scenario, this is currently the best alternative available for you if you wish to carry on with your normal life. At least, you will be assured of saving yourself from a miscarriage or preterm labor. 

Given that you are not in your best health, let us, without wasting time, figure out the things you must avoid after cervical cerclage, what issues you may expect after the procedure, approximately how much healing time you may require, any specific symptoms associated with this process and how to recover smoothly. 

Getting down to the basics – 

What things not to do after cervical cerclage?

things not to do after cervical cerclage
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If you have had a cervical cerclage procedure, then for starters, you need to be on complete bed rest. Attending the office/school/any other function is out of the question for the next 2-3 days (tentative, subject to your doctor’s prescription). 

Apart from that, you must also – 

  1. Strictly avoid any strenuous activity. Any kind of physical exercise or even a basic cardio routine (running or treadmill workout) can also strain your cervix and increase complications. Under no circumstances lift something heavy, carry a substantial weight, or walk a distance. 
  2. Avoid any kind of jerks. Ensure that you have limited travel (if at all). Also, while traveling, avoid any bumpy roads. Any long-distance travel could enhance the chances of blood clots, which could further lead to miscarriage. 
  3. One of the other things not to do after cervical cerclage is climbing the stairs for the first couple of days. The stitch is new, and any such untoward movement in an already delicate pregnancy may cost you. 
  4. A little movement is required in this healing period. Though it must be limited and not too strenuous, however, you must avoid prolonged periods of stagnancy (both sitting and standing). Either of these could cause discomfort, put pressure on the cervix, and increases the complication rate. 
  5. Sexual activity is a complete no-no! For two weeks after the cervical cerclage procedure, you must not indulge in any sexual intimacy (especially vaginal sex). Also, do clarify with your medical practitioner if – you are allowed to have sex during your pregnancy period (given you have a comparatively difficult pregnancy). 
  6. Along with that, do not insert anything into your vagina during this time. Whether it is a tampon or the usual douching – avoid anything that could tamper with your suture. If at all, you may use a sanitary pad (in case of bleeding) and keep changing it every 3-4 hours. 
  7. The last thing that you must note down in your list of things not to do after cervical cerclage – is smoking and drinking. In any case, smoking and drinking are not promoted during pregnancy. If at all, then during this period, you must avoid both. 
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# Note – 

In terms of food products – there are no such restrictions on following your regular diet after the process (if not advised otherwise by your medical practitioner). However, try avoiding red meat or heavy-milk products for a week since they are difficult to digest (and may lead to constipation and difficulty in passing stool).  

These are some of the basic things that you must avoid after you have undergone a procedure. This will assist in a smoother transition to a healthy pregnancy. 

In the next section, you will get a glimpse of some of the crucial ways by which you will be able to recover from this procedure in a smooth way. 

How will you recover from this? 

foods for cervical cerclage
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Now that you know categorically the things not to do after cervical cerclage – here are some of the activities you must concentrate on – 

  • Have your medicines at the correct time and as per prescription. There must be no discrepancy in medications from your end. 
  • You have to attend the follow-up appointments. Also, during the progress, report the same to your medical officer. 
  • While you are lying down, try to lie on your left side during the next few days (until your next appointment). 
  • During this period, you will have to concentrate on improving the cervix area apart from the whole body. For the same, consume food products rich in vitamins A, B6, B12, E, and C. You will have to add leafy vegetables to your diet and try substituting coffee with green tea. 
  • Also, throughout, you will have to monitor your triglyceride level and manage your weight. 
  • Have plenty of fluids (water and fresh fruit juices). But steer clear of artificially colored juices and carbonated water. Also, keep your bladder empty since your cervix may not be able to hold the weight. 

Assuming you have a fair idea of the things not to do after cervical cerclage, it is crucial that you concentrate on some of the other factors associated with this surgical process. Do you know about the post-operative issues or the required healing time? The next section will give you a glimpse of the same – 

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Will you face any issues after this procedure? 

cervical cerclage bath
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Though this is a safe procedure, and once you follow the list of things not to do after cervical cerclage, chances are there that you will be safe till your due date. However – they might be some medical issues that you may have to face – 

  • There are chances that you might have an increased vaginal discharge. 
  • You might face light spotting issues for up to 3 days after the procedure. Also, you might face minor cramps in your lower abdomen, but that mostly subsides in 3 days. 
  • Like any other sutured area, this, too, faces a risk of infection. To ensure this does not happen, you are advised to take a warm bath and hot showers and use heating pads to disinfect the area. 
  • There are chances of premature contractions as well. However, the doctor will be able to monitor your condition and apprehend you in case of any issues as such. 
  • You might also face untoward issues such as – cervical laceration or premature contractions. 
  • Prepare yourself mentally for a cervical dystocia issue (wherein your cervix cannot dilate during the vaginal delivery). 
  • Premature rupture of your membrane (colloquially water-breaking) is another problem you may face, even with this suturing process. 

Remember that – even when you are strictly following a diet and adhering to the list of things not to do after cervical cerclage – you might face such issues. 

How much healing time will you need? 

Strictly speaking, this depends from patient to patient. However, the patient is kept under strict medical observation between 1 to 5 days. Even after that, for up to a week or two, you have to avoid certain activities strictly. 

Closing thoughts 

Cervical cerclage will help you maintain your pregnancy in the best manner and save you from the immediate issues of – preterm labor, miscarriage, blood clotting, or any other complications. It is advised under every circumstance that you take note of the things not to do after cervical cerclage as stated by your medical officer and follow the same. 

Keep your doctor’s number on speed dial and update them and update them about your condition. As you enjoy your pregnancy, keep browsing through this website to get more follow-up pregnancy and health-related news. 

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