4 Tips to Help You Sleep Better

4 Tips to Help You Sleep Better neck brace

If we could pick one thing for our wishlist in the new year, no doubt it may be a variety of items because, of course, we are human beings. However, if we look towards a common goal and truly think about the core needs of a human being, one thing for certain comes to mind: sleep.

Whether it is getting more sleep, more Restful sleep, or improving the quality of your sleep with a quality foam-based mattress, it is rare to find someone who really is 100% satisfied with both their quality and quantity of sleep. That said, I have developed a list of the 4 tips to help you sleep better (and may for a longer period as well!).

Here is the list:

1. Prep your Bedroom for Sleep

There are environments that are made for restful sleep and then there are environments that disturb restful sleep. The best combination? Typically, a room that is quiet, lights out, and lower in temperature will promote more restful sleep. All of these factors help to bring the body into its natural sleeping rhythm and work to produce the melatonin needed to put you to sleep. To achieve this atmosphere, turn out the lights and close the shades, wear a sleeping mask, turn down the temperature and switch to silk sheets, and then also wear ear plugs and close the door. In addition, turning off all electronic devices and not staring at the dreaded blue screen will help put you to sleep quickly and deeply.

2. Develop a Consistent Sleeping Schedule

3. Avoid Stimulants: Especially Caffeine and Alcohol ESPECIALLY Before Bed

Society today has placed an importance, or rather an obsession on making it through the day on stimulants. The cycle goes like this: get crappy sleep, wake up exhausted, drink coffee until you perk up, and then at night drink alcohol until you drop back to sleep. Those are the WRONG things to do! Too much caffeine (especially too late in the day) over-stimulates the body and makes it difficult to fall back asleep the next night. In addition, too much alcohol too soon towards bedtime destroys the body’s natural ability to produce the hormones it needs to repair each and every night. Too much alcohol and too much caffeine elevate the stress hormone cortisol and make it a nightmare for your body to find the sleep pattern it needs to give you a restful and lengthy slumber!4 Tips to Help You Sleep Better neck brace

4. Exercise Regularly

If you want to truly maximize the deepness of your sleep and make sure your body is tired and needs time to rest and recover each night, make sure to exercise regularly. This can include both cardiovascular work and also resistance training. Proper exercise (and also proper nutrition) will stimulate the body to produce natural amounts of cortisol and therefore alert it to both train hard and recover hard. Exercise at least three hours PRIOR to sleeping and your body will be ready to recover without being stimulated and it will be ready to produce melatonin, growth hormone, and all those fine hormones that help put it to sleep and recovery mode each night!

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I hope you have enjoyed my list of the 4 tips to help you sleep better. Of course, you will want to get enough sleep each night (7-9 hours ESPECIALLY if you are an active and exercising adult), but getting the proper and restful sleep each night will help to ensure that the time you are asleep is beneficial and healing your body as needed.

Don’t agree with my list, have something to say about it, or have something to add to the list? Simply leave a comment below and we can begin the discussion on the best tips for better sleep right away! 🙂

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