Can We Get Strong Without Going To The Gym?

Can We Get Strong Without Going To The Gym

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When was the last time you looked at your training methods? Have they been a little on the repetitive side recently? For a lot of people, going to the gym is something that we pay lip service to. We go there, workout a bit, but don’t necessarily get stuck in with the routines, and, we’ve paid the gym membership, so we are there, going through the motions. This is partly why they say you should change your workout routine every 8 weeks, but the other reason that they say this is because your muscles get used to the movements. If you want your muscles to grow, you have to confuse them. So this means completely shaking up your workout routine. But, we need to think about the scientific approach to work out, and look at why people like farmers and those who work out in the elements are naturally strong but don’t need to go to the gym? This is because they are naturally working all the key muscles. So, let’s take inspiration from these types of people and implement it into our workouts. So, when it comes to implementing strength training, can we do it without going to the gym? Let’s find out.

Using Our Bodies

If we go way back in time, the typical hunter-gatherer was loaded with muscle. And they didn’t have sophisticated gym equipment; they didn’t even know what a bicep curl was! They lived hand to mouth and they had bodies that developed strength based on simple biomechanics. In other words, they evolved so they could get stronger so they could forage, climb trees, and run away from threats easier. So, what is this got to do with your workout? If you are really looking to shake up your workout routine, you put your body under the most duress you can. This means that age-old adage, working to fatigue. So, while we sit in the gym and do our lateral pulldowns, there is no real sense of danger in our workout. This means you need to start implementing things that are going to push your physical limits. And what better way to begin than by using our body weight against us. This is why something like pull-ups is such a fantastic exercise and should be used as part of every workout routine because you are working your muscles in every single way to extreme fatigue. And this is also why exercises like the farmer’s walk have become more popular recently because they are utilizing real, functional movements to build muscle. In addition to this, you can save a month on a gym membership by doing a bodyweight workout at home!

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Using Real Items For Your Workout

In addition to using our body weight, we can then start to add extra weights by using common household items. There are plenty of work out videos online where they say that to work your abs, you can use a can of food to add a little bit of extra weight, but also, there are plenty of resources that add another layer of intensity to your workouts. The one that’s doing the rounds at the moment is the towel workout, where you have your feet on a towel and do an extreme core workout. But as you increase the intensity of his workouts, you need a durable towe;, so visit and have a look at suitable work out towels that double for this kind of activity. In addition to working your abs and other superficial exercises, you can also have good quality strength training with items at home. The best example, bags of compost! These are heavy items, and they lend themselves extremely well to overhead presses, bent over rows, and even squats. You want to add an extra bit of weight to your squat? Get a backpack and loaded full of books! You can look on and get a backpack for cheap enough. You can get one of those weighted bags, but a backpack is sturdy enough. The benefits of using these types of items for your workout is that you are using real, functional items to help promote actual strength, not superficial strength, that lots of isolation exercises succeed in doing. This is the whole idea behind the 5 x 5 workout, which introduce compound exercises, such as the squat, bench press, bent over row, military press and deadlift, and these are always the exercises people go back to if they want to increase strength.

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Are These As Effective As Going To The Gym?

Naturally, people think that there’s only so much you can do with items at home. But, going back to the idea of what building muscle is, in other words fatiguing it; you can implement the idea behind standard strength training, and increase the weight. And, this is why something like the x3 bar has been popular recently, because, even though it’s just a way to promote resistance training, it has shown that if you do it correctly, you will build more muscle than standard gym workouts. So, by implementing this ethos of lifting heavy items, combined with the fact that these items you can use at home and as stable as typical gym equipment, you need to put more effort into your workout. In other words, you need to overcompensate for the lack of stability. This means you’re working the more muscles and improving your strength.

There has been a trend of going back to old school workout routines now, and this may prove to be an eye-opener for those who can’t afford to go to the gym. Lots of people struggle with gym memberships, so they feel they are missing out. But, by using these types of workout methods, and by remembering that you just need to fatigue your muscles to make them grow, this means that there may be a lot of people out there ready to make their first steps towards fitness at home.

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