Exercising with an Adjustable Dumbbell Review

Exercising with an Adjustable Dumbbell Review

Working out is hard. But it doesn’t have to be. Depending on what you want, fat loss, more muscle, more strength, a dumbbell can be of much help. Better yet, you could get yourself an adjustable one, and add or remove weight based on your level. This will help out a lot in making the process easier and making you look better.

A dumbbell is a universal piece of workout equipment. It’s all you need to build a lean mean body machine. Tons of exercises can be performed using dumbbells. We’ll focus on some of them and say why they’re good and how you can do them with a few pounds in your arms. Click here to learn more.

Farmers’ Walk

To start, we begin with the basics. And by basics, we mean the most straightforward basics that exist. For this exercise, you need two dumbbells and you need to pick them up and hold them. Then, set a certain distance and walk there, taking short and fast steps. This will improve your overall grip strength and it will strengthen your stabilizers which are very important in preventing injuries.

It might seem very simple and easy but it actually isn’t.  If it is effortless for you to do then you need to put on some more weight and try again. The results and the fatigue will come instantly then you’ll realize why this exercise is so good.

Goblet squats

From the basics, we go on to build the foundation. Squatting is a very natural position for us humans. We have been doing it ever since we evolved. In modern times, we don’t do it as much. There are so few people that can do a full squat that it’s becoming scary to think about. So, for your health and well being, it’s vital to squat as much as possible.

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For the goblet squat, you need only one dumbbell and you need to hold it with both your hands. Then, position your legs at shoulder width apart and then drop down into a squat. Drive up with your glutes and repeat it around 10-12 times. This exercise improves mobility and it’s very beneficial in building strong legs. That’s especially true for men since squatting helps in producing more testosterone. The more testosterone, the more the muscle. Here is some more info: https://www.wsj.com/articles/4-exercises-for-older-beginners-1383608047

The good old deadlifts

Exercising with an Adjustable Dumbbell Review

When we’re on the subject on testosterone, nothing makes more of it than deadlifts. This is the ultimate power move of all exercises. Nothing says “I’m strong” like picking up 300 pounds and dropping them on the floor. That kind of strength develops with time and many years in pumping iron.

For this article, we’ll focus on the basic deadlift that can be done using dumbbells. You hold them in your hands and you slowly lower them to the top of your feet and then you get back to the starting position. Always start with little weight first, since many injuries are waiting to happen if you start by going heavy. This exercise does wonders for your glutes, hamstrings, lower back, shoulders, and core. It’s a full body move that drains your energy but it does wonders when it comes to functional strength. That’s why it must be included in your workouts, at least once a week. You can read more by going on this page: Adjustable Dumbbell Review.

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Bench press

Now we come to the move that everyone loves to do, the bench press. You definitely know all about it, but we’ll go over the basics again, just in case. You lie onto a bench with weights in both your hands. Push out the weights above your chest and squeeze at the top for a second. This engages your pecs when you feel them flexing. After this, lower the weights near your sides, ready to push again.

Doing this exercise is better with dumbbells than a barbell because it allows for a greater stretch at the bottom. This helps to build a bigger chest without changing a ton of machines and in the comfort of your own home. Also, the squeezing at the top engages more muscle fibers, so don’t forget that part.

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