Swap Your Way to a Flatter Stomach

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If you want your stomach to be flatter (and who doesn’t?) you could sweat it out at the gym and go on a detox diet, or you could simply swap some of your favorite foods for bloat beating ones. Sound good? Here’s what you need to do:

Swap Salt for Seasoning Blends

If you don’t want to eat bland food, but you know that salt is causing you to retain fluid and bloat up like no one’s business, switch your usually salt-based seasonings for herb blends. Mrs. Dash does some great ones that will give your food that extra zing of flavor without causing your stomach to blow up like a balloon.

Swap Soda for Water

Unfortunately for you soda lovers, it’s one of the worst things for causing belly bloat and making you look bigger than you actually are. So, if you’re serious about getting a flatter stomach, you’re going to have to switch that can of cola for a nice refreshing glass of water. If you find the flavor boring, add a dash of lemon or lime juice to make it more interesting.

Swap Coffee for TeaFlatter Stomach teas and liquids

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If you enjoy sipping on coffee throughout the day, the good news is that it isn’t going to contribute to your belly bloat. However, it isn’t going to make your stomach flatter either, tea will – specifically  Skinny Tea or green tea, both of which are great at settling the stomach and combating the causes of bloat. You can still have the occasional cup of coffee too, if you must!

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Swap White Bread for a Low Carb Wrap

They might not be quite as tasty, but low carb is the way to go if you want your stomach to look flatter without spending hours in the gym. You see, when you lower the amount of carbs you eat, your body will be forced to burn glycogen which is stored in the body, burning off excess fluid and making you look a little thinner in the process.

Swap Raw Veggies for Steamed Ones

You might think that raw veggies are absolutely the best thing you could possibly eat for your health and your belly, but actually raw veggies can cause serious bloating issues, and by lightly steaming them, you’ll get all of the nutritional benefits, and a flatter stomach.

Swap Chewing Gum for Fennel Seeds

Flatter Stomach fennel seeds

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If you’re in the habit of chewing gum, you will be swallowing a lot of air, which will end up trapped inside your GI tract causing you problems with bloating and gas. Fennel seeds are a good replacement because they will allow you to experience the chewing sensation that you enjoy, and they are also good at soothing stomach issues and getting rid of bloating.

If you make all of these swaps, you can guarantee that you will see an improvement in the stomach department pretty quickly, but, as much as you might hate it, you’ll see even better results if you do go to the gym and you do try to eat a generally healthy diet overall, too.

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