Working Out Makeup Tricks to Learn

Working Out Makeup Tricks to Learn

Just because you’re working out a sweat doesn’t mean you want to look like a raccoon that just broke into a Yoga studio. No, not a good thing to be mistaken for when that mascara on those beautiful eyes melts down your face from sweat. You work hard to look good and face it, some have to have those make up tricks to go from the studio to work or school. Busy women want fool proof makeup on the go and this is the place to find out just how to do that!
You can consider taking makeup class, or, if you don’t want to dive that deep into it, you can always read and learn the tricks that we will tell you here.

Mascara is not the only culprit, it’s just the most noticeable and when it’s in your eyes, it burns! This is also not a good attention draw.

The other annoying thing is if you already have combination skin or oily skin you’ll end up shining through the darkness in a rather unattractive way. If your skin is unusually dry, well, the makeup acts kind of like a mudslide does after a rain when there has been a drought. It basically slides off your face leaving a very uneven tone. No one likes to have to do their makeup over again. Below are some make up tricks for working out.

Make Up Tricks

Prime for the Makeup Mudslide: Primer is every girl’s friend when over-heated. Why? Because a good primer means the best sweat barrier between your face and your makeup. It’s fine if you only have a dime store makeup budget but as soon as is possible, invest in a high-quality primer and you can’t go wrong. Quality suggestion would be like MAC.

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Foundation: The foundation is the next most important thing. Here’s a trick If you prime your face first, including eyes, you can work hard and then apply the mascara and blush and lipstick makeup last. This will take less time than it does for you to quick shower and dress. Plus, if you are working heavy enough to sweat that much, the last thing you want to do is get into a hot steamy shower and mess it up. The primer and foundation can withstand that as long as no significant amount of water hits the face.

Fall in love with stains: Blush and lip stains are a fabulous way to color your face and have it wear off by the end of the day. In fact, if you are a more natural look lover, you can cheat the heat and use ONLY the stains on lips and cheeks. If you still want eyes, use a waterproof mascara and do the shadow last!

Yoga clothes: Yes, you are not mistaken, this can also be included into the makeup tricks while working out or practicing yoga. If you are having on comfortable yoga wear, you won’t be worried about having your top appeared on your face during a yoga pose and spoil your whole make up.

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