How To Avoid Hip Replacement Surgery At All Cost? Try These Techniques

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Hip replacement has become a common procedure, and so is the scenario in countries such as the US, UK, UAE, India, Russia, Singapore, and Canada. In fact, it is estimated that more than a million people undergo hip replacement surgery in the US every year.

Severe and persistent hip pain is one of the biggest reasons why people, mostly seniors, are advised to undergo hip replacement surgery, the hip pain may result because of an injury, fall, or osteoarthritis of the hip joint. It may also result because of the degeneration of the hip joint or damage to the cartilage present above the hip joint.

Hip replacement in India and abroad became inevitable in the case of serious injuries and conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis, genetic reasons, and hip fracture. Otherwise, it is still possible to manage the hip pain or to stop it from affecting the quality of life at the first place.

Once the quality of life is affected and the individual starts to experience reduced mobility, the chances of undergoing hip replacement surgery slowly start to creep up. However, people who are at an increased risk of osteoarthritis of the hip joint or injury can still avoid the day when they would be advised to undergo this major surgery.

Some of the ways by which you can prevent a hip replacement surgery include the following:

Exercising: Regular exercising is one of the best ways to avoid hip replacement surgery. Exercising can not only improve the symptoms of osteoarthritis but also help maintain hip health. But people should be aware of the exercises that they need to perform to maintain hip health.

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Doing certain exercises can actually trigger deterioration of the hip joint and therefore, they must be avoided at any cost. Some of the best exercises to perform and maintain hip health include gentle movement exercises, daily walk, gentle aerobic activity, squats, and lunges.

Nutritional changes: Only exercising is not enough to keep away the chances of undergoing hip replacement surgery. You need to make certain nutritional changes to promote the health of the cartilage. Hip cartilage wear and tear is one of the leading reasons why people are advised to undergo hip replacement. However, it is possible to maintain the health of the cartilages and thus, eliminate the need to undergo the surgery at any point of time.

Cartilage is made from a protein called collagen, which is present in certain portions of collagenous meat. These portions include the bone broth, skin, and oxtail. You can also take a collagen supplement once a week or consume gelatin (a form of collagen). It is commonly available in grocery stores.

You must also increase your intake of vitamin C, which is most abundantly present in citrus fruits. Vitamin C helps produce cartilage and collagen. It is equally important to increase your intake of vitamin D as well, which can be derived from early morning sunshine or through supplements. Higher levels of vitamin D is directly linked to lower risk of osteoarthritis.

Healthy weight: It is important to maintain a healthy wait to possible reduce your chances of undergoing a surgery. Maintaining proper weight helps maintain a healthy hip joint as the overall load that it has to bear is less. Once body weight increased, the load on the hip also increases and there is an increased risk of the hip joint wear and tear.

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This is the reason why people who have just started to experience hip pain and those who are overweight or obese should start to avoid high glycemic index (GI) foods. White flour, sugar-containing products, and white rice are some of the examples of food with high GI.

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