10 Dance Forms That Help You Stay Fit

10 Dance Forms That Help You Stay Fit

Staying fit is vital to the long-term maintenance of your health and wellness. Without exercise and physical activity it would be difficult to maintain your body weight and your blood glucose levels. That said, many people simply do not enjoy going to the gym every day.  In fact, many people prefer alternative methods for toning their body and for getting into shape.

Dancing is an amazing way to work out the entire body. Here are 10 different dance forms that can help you stay fit:

  1. Jazzercise: This form of dancing and exercising has been around for decades and has been a great way for women to stay in shape. Reaching its peak popularity decades ago, jazzercise was considered the best at-home workout. It is still around and still works wonders for the legs, the core, and for burning calories.
  2. Line Dancing: In line dancing, people stand in rows and perform the same movements in synchronization. Line dancing is ideally done in boots. You can tone your heels, calves, thighs, and core with this type of dancing.
  3. Yoga Dance: Yoga dance incorporates the mind-body aspect of yoga with dancing. It is a fun and exciting way to burn calories, while also enjoying the peace that comes with  You can expect it to offer the same health benefits as yoga, with the added benefits of light cardio.
  4. Swing Dancing: If you are looking for a dance style that gives you a workout without it feeling like a workout, then consider taking up swing dancing. This type of dance will work your lower body and help give you lean thighs and a strong core, while also giving you plenty of cardio. A one hour swing session can burn the same amount of calories as running three miles does.
  5. Belly Dancing: Quite possibly the best dance form you can choose if you’re focussing on your to hips, core, and thighs, belly dancing has become highly popular in recent years. Many have flocked to this style of dance because of how it works the body.  This style of dance is also good for the joints.
  6. Salsa Dancing: Salsa dancing is a Latin-style of dancing that will really boost your mood and help you burn calories. This type of dance is highly popular, and can be found in many dance studios and even some gyms.
  7. Zumba: This is another Latin-based dance style that is highly popular and found in every gym that offers fitness classes. It is a great dance to boost your mood, and to burn calories. You can actually burn a few hundred calories in most Zumba classes.
  8. Pole Dancing: Apart from the regular muscles that get worked out in other styles of dancing, pole dancing also focuses on some of the muscles in your body that other dance forms to don focus on. This type of dance is great for strengthening the body and for burning calories.
  9. Ballet: If you are going to learn a dance form to stay fit, why not try the most difficult one- ballet. Ballet is one of the oldest forms of dance, and is also a great way to make your body lean.
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Hip-Hop: This new-age style of dance is great for working your spine in ways that it is not typically moved.  In addition, hip-hop can also help you burn calories while enjoying your favorite music.

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