All you need to know about breast cancer

All you need to know about breast cancer

Breast cancer happens when cell growth occurs uncontrollably in the breast tissue. Women suffer from breast cancer a lot and it is one of the most cancers that kill people every day. Cervical cancer and breast cancer are the main cancer types that kill women every day. It can happen to men as well, but the cases are rare. It mainly happens to women after 50’s and is very common till they attain 65 years of age. Previously many people used to die because of this deadly cancer, but with the increase in best hospitals in India for cancer treatment and improved health care the chances have slowed down and if it is diagnosed in the first stage, then it becomes curable. Nowadays, patients might live up to five years even after their diagnosis. It generally originates in the inner lining of the milk ducts or even in the lobules and then spreads to the rest of the breast. It spreads to the rest of the body when the cancer increases. When the cancer originates in the lobules then it is called as the lobular carcinoma and when it originates in the ducts then it is known as the ductal carcinoma. According, to a study women in the developed countries mainly suffer from breast cancer than women living in the developing countries. There are several factors for this and the main are that in developing countries breastfeeding is done for many years and more compare to the mothers of the developed countries and also in developed countries people live longer that increases their chance of having breast cancer. So, now experts recommend that breastfeeding your child might be good for your health and even the chances of getting breast cancer decreases each time you give birth to a baby.

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The cause is mainly genetics related. Top 10 best cancer hospital in India suggests that there are several other risk factors as well and mainly they are related to our unhealthy lifestyle and they are related to our environment and the changes in it. Radiation exposure can cause breast cancer and is very harmful for everyone as it can cause other types of cancers as well. Other risk factors are smoking and drinking alcohol can even cause breast cancer. Obesity and beginning of menstruation at an early age can also cause breast cancer. Even if menopause occurs late, then the chances of breast cancer occurs. Even women who have never conceived child are at a high risk of developing breast cancer. There are certain symptoms of breast cancer and they are: pain in the breast or in the armpit, lump in the breast area, and the change in skin texture like there will be change in the colour or size and shape of the breasts, rash or discharge from the nipple that is very unusual. These are the symptoms that you need to take care of and if you notice any one symptom, then immediately visit your doctor and do the mammogram as soon as possible. It is always advised that mammograms are done every two years so that any early sign could be detected.

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