Find Your best Protein Powder

Find Your best Protein Powder

When it comes to finding a protein powder to support your needs there are a ton of options. The industry is huge and you literally can run into hundreds of variations of protein powder. Luckily the team at created a comprehensive guide to some of the most popular protein powders and actually examined 697 different options! 

During their research they created specific guidelines and methodology to help identify which protein powders stood apart from the rest. At the end of their research 8 highly recommended formulas were identified. 

To identify these formulas their team evaluated every single flavor from every line included in their study. 111 different lines and 679 formulas were looked and evaluated on the following criteria. Read Mark’s opinion on it for an in-depth review!

  • The protein powder must be currently available – no discontinued  or recalled brands

  • There must be no controversial food coloring

  • There must be no artificial sweeteners in the ingredients

  • The formula must be verified by the NSF Certified for Sports program or

  • The formula must have a Laboor quality grade of 80 or higher

Find Your best Protein Powder

For more information on the protein powder industry, a deeper dive into their top picks, or just some additional reading take a look at their guide here:

Find Your best Protein Powder

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